Disadvantages Of Materialism: Advantage To Human Kind

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Materialism: Advantage to Human Kind All of mankind likes property. In a more versatile term, every man likes wealth. Wealth drives the existence of human kind. It is important for survival to be driven by wealth. Supporting the provided quote, significant possessions that build an estate around an individual for a long period of time, like property, money in the bank, a large home, etc., keeps a healthy relationship between an individual and society. Some may be in denial that humans are materialistic and competitive, but they are living a naive life. The economy thrives on people’s consumer needs, which can only be possible in a society of competition but equal oppertunity. At the raw this may seem cruel. But it is how human nature established themselves as the dominant species …show more content…
It is healthy for man to strive for material goods that are not necessary for survival or just an ordinary life. People want large bank accounts, multiple properties, vehicles, and technology. Materials have changed throughout history. People once wanted spices and silks from the east, a multitude of livestock, jewels, clothing, land, and property. John Locke’s Second Treaties of Civil Government, defends this natural drive for wealth, against the claims made by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his Discourse Upon the Origin and the Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind, where he blames modernity for the evils of society including theft, murder, and especially political instability. It is only reasonable to believe that laws solve malfeasance not cause it. Rousseau makes the claim against modernity and greed without considering human nature from a realistic perspective as Locke did. Human nature proves to be obviously competitive and greedy. Even from the original sin of Adam and Eve, mentioned by Thomas Locke, greed and reason has driven humankind and is that makes man standout from the rest of the thriving

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