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  • Different Ways Of Seeing: The Thankful Poor By John Berger

    Different “Ways of Seeing” In the essay, “Ways of Seeing,” John Berger applies Marxism to art history. Marxism is the social, economic and political theory formed by Karl Marx. It deals with class struggle and the oppression of the lower classes by the upper classes. In the essay, Berger focuses on using Marxist methodology, when he analyzes and explains an artist named Frans Hal. Berger uses Hals paintings to demonstrate the structure of social classes, and their struggles to give an idea of…

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  • Materialism Great Gatsby

    assumed that the novel is based on the idea of romance and chasing after forgotten dreams. However, Fitzgerald wrote the novel from a completely different view. The Great Gatsby aims to show how F. Scott Fitzgerald utilizes his characters’ selfish materialism—and their foul motives to become the wealthiest they can—in his novel to explain the corrupt American Dream that he has created. The 1920s was characterized by many individuals who aimed to become wealthy and create a secure life for…

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  • Materialism Research Paper

    money’s influence also depends on one’s cultural indoctrination. In certain cultures, money is the pinnacle of society where it defines one’s virtue. Meanwhile, some cultures put honor and reputation above it. As society modernize, “culture sunk into materialism; where men have lost all spiritual values in pursuits of material production” (Rand, pg. 133, 1996). Thus, it is worshiped and idolize by the vulnerable at heart as some God, or some achievement which sacrifices innocence and compromises…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Materialism Analysis

    Jiang, a research analysis, and his comrades contributed to a series of studies exploring the correlation of peer-rejection, self-esteem issues, and materialism concluding, “Peer rejection is closely connected to adolescent materialism, and self-esteem is a mediator of this…

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  • Absolute Materialism Threatens Christianity

    Absolute Materialism In general, the phrase “materialism” is used to refer to metaphysical theories regarding the nature of reality. Absolute materialism holds that matter is the only reality in the world whose conditions and activities render meaning to every event in the universe (Knight, 2012). Put simply, absolute materialism commits to the following principle; that all that exists is ultimately physical – that matter contains electrons, protons, atoms, and molecules, all of which are bound…

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  • Effects Of Materialism In The Great Gatsby

    she will see how wealthy he is, and possibly take him back. Gatsby is willing to buy Daisy anything to get her back, which may lead to bad things happening, such as a confrontation between Jay and Tom. This is an example of a negative effect of materialism. In addition to winning Daisy back through money, Gatsby also likes to splurge for himself a little bit. He owns a very nice house, and he drives the nicest cars, one being a Rolls…

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  • Enjoyment As An Alternative To Materialism Analysis

    The essay entitled “Enjoyment as an Alternative to Materialism” asserts materialism as being a destructive force to our overall well-being, more specifically, as being mentally and environmentally harmful. The essay discusses how happiness, or the key term of “flow”, is intrinsically valuable and can be derived internally, without any monetary cost, by choosing activities and experiences over purchasing more superfluous items. Additionally, the author Csikszentmihalyi discusses how leisure time…

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  • Introspection: The Role Of Materialism In Philosophy

    Materialism is a term that refer to all substances that physically exist and occupy space in the universe. An ordinary matter where the term materialism is derived from is an object that is composed of atoms and having a mass. Materialism in philosophical terms is completely different than materialism used in cultural terms. Cultural materialism is a doctrine that material success and progress are the highest values in life. At its simpler level, materialism involves the focus on the idea of the…

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  • Eliminative Materialism In Folk Psychology

    Eliminative materialism is the view that in order to recognize and describe what exists in the world, it is necessary to eliminate anything mental, such as the mind, mental states and mental properties. In addition, eliminative materialism stresses on the assumption that folk psychology is an outdated theory that must be eliminated, as behaviours are neurological processes and not caused by mental states. In this paper, I will be criticizing eliminative materialism by explaining the importance…

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  • Significance Of Materialism In The Great Gatsby

    relevant nearly a century later. The novel's portrayal of materialism, superficial relationships and the myths of fame and celebrity create remarkable parallels between Gatsby's world and the present day. Possessions and status are a key ingredient to many of the characters' lifestyles. In order to attract Daisy's interest, Gatsby defines himself by his enormous house, decadent parties and distinctive cars and clothing. Daisy, too, values materialism, as the convenience of her marriage…

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