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  • Big Bad Wolf Research Paper

    Once upon a time, there “was” three little pigs and a big bad wolf. At, first the pigs were skeptical with moving next to a wolf's house, for obvious reasons. The first pig built his house out of straw, the second pig made his out of twigs, and the third pig made his out of concrete. When night fall came and the pigs were sleeping, the big bad wolf came out, since he was asleep all day. The big nasty wolf schemed day and night and decided it was time for supper for himself. “ I can’t wait for…

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  • Napoleon's Thirst For Power In Animal Farm

    Napoleon does not seem to be satisfied with what he has. Instead, he secures his authoritative figure and the pigs’ position so that the pigs are placed at a more superior level to the others. For example, his decision of building a schoolroom exclusively for educating the pigs, not only differentiates the pigs from the labouring classes, but more importantly, it is a clear illustration of Napoleon’s thirst for power due to his intention to indoctrinate the young pigs on how ideal a leader he is…

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  • Joseph Stalin's Biggest Mass Murderer

    Joseph Stalin, to put it simply, is the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world. He is plain evil, and that is what makes him so intriguing. From Stalin’s harsh adolescent years, to his crime ridden young adult years, and finally the years of his dictatorship, the life of Joseph Stalin is one for the books. Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili was born on December 18, 1879 in the Russian occupied country of Georgia. The Djugashvili family was desperately poor. Josef’s father was a…

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  • Propaganda Summary After Snowwell's Animal Farm

    The purpose of my propaganda poster is to encourage the animals to rebuild the windmill after Snowball supposedly destroyed it. The goal is to get them to desire to rebuild their precious windmill despite the fact that all their laborious work had been wasted. The argument my poster is making is that the animals have worked for too many grueling hours to give up now. If Snowball did indeed demolish the windmill simply to get his revenge and make them suffer, then the animals cannot let him…

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  • Similarities Between Animal Farm And The Truman Show

    While George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and Peter Weir’s The Truman Show may be very different texts, they both look into three particular themes: The good life, a good society, and the justification of power and control. While they may not agree on all of the themes, they both look into them quite deeply, and have some interesting thoughts and views on the three topics. What is the good life for an Individual: In the Truman Show, the concept of the good life is one where the individual is free.…

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  • Stalin's Revolution: How Lenin Overcame Trotsky

    with military leaders, such as generals in the Red Army. After the Bolsheviks won the civil war, they began expanding their revolution into other parts of Europe. Stalin’s actions during this revolution were subject to much criticism, including from Leon Trotsky, who had close personal ties with Lenin. This investigation will examine how Stalin, after Lenin’s death, overcame Trotsky; Lenin’s assumed successor, and took control of the Soviet Union. Lenin’s Retirement and Death: In 1918, an…

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  • Napoleon's Power In Animal Farm By George Orwell

    If you pay attention closely throughout the parts we have read so far in “Animal Farm,” many leaders are trying to manipulate others to follow them and trust their decisions over others. Two big example that have stood out more to me than others, is how Napoleon manipulated Squealer. (Pages 56-58) When Snowball was chased out of the farm, Squealer constantly backs up Napoleon's word. He was always telling other animals about his good ideas, but more importantly he was manipulated when he told…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Snowball For Animal Farm

    Do you ever want someone who will treat you fairly and not make up any crazy rules for you to follow, then you should vote for Snowball. He will protect the rights for the animals better than anyone else. I believe Snowball will be the best for animal farm because of all the ideas he can come up with, like his idea for the windmill. Snowball will not take things from the animals, like milk from the cows or eggs from the chickens. You see Napoleon is trying to take over because he thinks he can…

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  • Leadership In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    Leadership is a quality that some leaders do not have. Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, is a satirical book that compares a farm owner to the czar of Russia. Farmer Jones had once been a capable farmer, but in the aftermath of a very damaging lawsuit he becomes an alcoholic and became known for his harsh rule over the animals. Instigated by Old Major [the animals leader], the animals rebel by driving out Farmer Jones, his wife and his workers, and remove him from power, supposedly ending…

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  • Why Did Napoleon Fail In Animal Farm

    Inevitably, the farm is failing due to lack of an efficient and methodical system. Food supply was decreasing rapidly while "starvation seemed to stare them in the face". Consumed by pride, Napoleon tries to conceal this fact from the outside world, fearing it may destroy his reputation and satisfy the rumours that were developing surrounding Animal Farm, stating that Napoloeon was failing as a leader and could never achieve to overthrow the human race. After this incident, Napoleon "rarely…

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