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  • Shirley Jackson's The Lottery: Submit Or Scream?

    “The Lottery:” Submit or Scream According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, prior to World War II Adolf Hitler scapegoated Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals for the economic problems that were facing Germany (Untied States Holocaust Memorial Museum). During the Holocaust, many in Germany, Austria, Poland, France, the Netherlands, and even America turned a blind eye while these individuals were rounded up and murdered. It is all too easy to call this atrocity history as if…

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  • Rise And Fall Of The SS Men

    Heinrich Himmler was born on October 7, 1900 and had graduated high school in 1922. Heinrich joined the Nazis in 1929 and became the leader of the SS in the next six years. (Historyonthenet) In the year 1933 Heinrich opened up the first concentration camp in Dachau and a year later in 1934 he destroyed the paramilitary SA making the SS the most powerful military…

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  • Essay On Heinrich Himmler

    Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s right-hand man. The both of them exterminated 6 million Jewish men, women, and even children together. These two men were the most powerful men in Germany during this time period. Although many see Hitler as the protruding figure of Nazism, Himmler is where is all started. When the Nazis came to power, it was just a party like any other, but the country needed someone who could make them stronger. That’s exactly what Himmler had intended to do. He couldn’t do it alone…

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  • The Cruel Final Solution In Elie Wiesel's Night

    The Cruel Final Solution There was a conference that was known as Wannsee, that was held in Berlin, 1942. At the Wannsee conference, the SS, subdivisions, handled what was known as the Final Solution that targeted the Jews. The conference was brought up to light in the film Conspiracy, where the Final Solution was agreed upon Hitler’s fifteen men who debated the pros and cons of what was to be done to the Jews. In addition, the Final Solution determined what was going to happen to the Jews,…

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  • Why Is Adolf Hitler Responsible For The Holocaust

    order to reach to that position where they can get enough trust of people who will not fight back against them. Well, we all know that it didn’t work out well for them and ended up losing their lives as well. Nazis was a group made of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and some others who wanted all Non-Germans out of Germany. They wanted people who only had blue eyes and blond hair which according to them was a perfect example of true Germans. They were in power from year 1933-1945 in which they…

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  • Reinhard Heydrich Equation Analysis

    First, in “Heinrich”, the author voices: After 1939, however, the concentration [camp] system became a massive SS empire, inflicting pain and suffering of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, political opponents, and social outcasts. Himmler’s control over the police, particularly…

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  • Identity And Identity In Our Secret By Susan Griffin

    titled “Our Secret” written by Susan Griffin, who is a feminist writer. Her essay revolves around the connectivity between human beings and how they are connected whether they are strangers, or even friends of friend. Griffin’s essay mainly focuses on Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Nazi Secret Police. She connects herself with Himmler even though they are not related. Going on about…

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  • Our Secret Susan Griffin Analysis

    mind and body in the long run. In this essay Susan is talking about the life of Heinrich Himmler through his childhood diary, as well as, explaining the controlling behavior of his father throughout his life. The essay “Our Secret” is largely autobiographical; Griffin makes her point about children and family by comparing Himmler’s life and childhood to her own. Early in “Our Secret” it is effortless to see that Heinrich Himmler is nothing more than a marionette that his father controls. It…

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  • Lessons Learned From The Holocaust By Heinrich Himmler

    but with an event such as this comes passion and remorse that can result in positive change and preventative action. Heinrich Himmler played a big role in this tragic event, and his actions perfectly illustrate these lessons. For one, it was made clearly evident that a group of few people can make a difference, negative or positive. Ultimately, all it took was Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and a select group of comrades to influence a nation to hate an innocent race in entirety. Additionally,…

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  • Reinhard Heydrich: Highest Men In The Holocaust

    Reinhard Heydrich From 1941 to 1945 about 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust. One of the most important men to the Nazi cause of mass murdering the Jews was Reinhard Heydrich, one of the highest men in the SS. Reinhard Heydrich had an interesting life as a child and young adult, and a influential career as a Nazi. Heydrich’s death in 1942 was a turning point towards the extermination of Jews in Europe. Reinhard Heydrich had an unique childhood and life as a young adult.…

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