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  • Karl Marx Capital Book Report

    I feel particularly ashamed that I wasn 't able to read the book of Karl Marx “Capital” ( 1 st edition, 1867) until now. In 2018 it will be the Birthday of the 200 years of Karl Marx, and I feel the obligation to read Capital before. The book is a classic of economic science, written from the standpoint of the labor theory of value. Through this book we discover the idea of the fundamental materialism of Marx. The work of Karl Marx is the culmination of classical political economy, he had a…

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  • Private Property In Hegel's Estranged Labor

    In Philosophy of Right, Hegel argues that private property is an essential component of the expression of external freedom. In “Estranged Labor,” Marx argues that private property is the culmination of alienated labor and thus represents unfreedom. In this paper, we will discuss what Hegel means by external freedom, why such freedom is necessary, and why he considers the ability to accumulate and hold private property to be essential to such freedom. We will then discuss Marx’s notions that the…

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  • Essay On Communitarianism

    In many ways, Hegel's criticism of the universal notion of rights is shared by the communitarian philosophers. These thinkers hold that the problem with modern society is that people are estranged and fragmented from their communities and reduced to a series of competing individuals. This alienation of the individual from their community is precisely known as alienation, and is used by communitarian philosophers to critique the notion of economic and social liberalism. The individual in the…

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  • Carl Ransom Rogers Biography

    In this paper you will be inform of the biography of the motivational theorist Carl Ransom Rogers. This paper will also reflect, why I choose this theorist, how his argument impacted me and how was my world view before and after this topic. Running head: The Biography of the Motivational Theorist Carl Ransom Rogers 3 Biography of the Motivational Theorist Carl Ransom Rogers Carl Ransom Rogers was born in 1902, in Oak Park, Illinois. Rogers was the fourth of six children…

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  • Karl Marx Social Class Conflict Analysis

    Conflict theory originated from the classical founder of social science Karl Marx in the 1800s. The perspective was generally based on work by Karl Marx even though several other scholars have contributed immensely in the development of this theory. He viewed class conflict and exploitation as a moving force in society. Conflict theory generally surrounds the idea that most struggles in society happen because of conflicts among different social classes or groups. As opposed to functionalist…

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  • Conflict Theory: Symbolic Interactionism, Functionalism

    Conflict Theory In sociology there are thought to be three main theoretical perspectives. These perspectives offer sociologists theoretical schools of thought for explaining how society influences people, and vice versa. The three being Symbolic Interactionism, Functionalism, and Conflict Theory. The one that makes the most sense to me and I find to be the best to me is Conflict Theory. Conflict Theory basically says that everyone fights for the best resources and embraces the whole “survival…

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  • 1984 And Metropolis Essay

    The use of technology in Lang’s Metropolis and Orwell’s 1984 highlights the dystopian society, and how technology can (affect identity/challenge the future of humanity/reflect contemporary values. {Answer the question}. The Industrialisation of Europe after World War I enabled the use of new technologies that were rapidly appearing in the workplace, assisting and even replacing human labour. Technology is utilised in Metropolis as a means of control for the lower class. They are seen being…

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  • Sociology In Social Work

    Sociology occupies an essential part in a social work study. This essay will explore and examine the position that sociology performs in the study of social work mainly focusing on the theories of sociology and certain other aspects concerning sociology. The theories that will be examined include the functionalist theory, the conflict theory and symbolic interactionism. The sociological aspects that will also be examined are deviance, crime, religion so forth. Sociology, according to Andersen…

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  • Nietzsche The Madman Analysis

    The author Friedrich Nietzsche in his text (“The Madman”, 1882) used a narrative to prove a point. To be more specific he wanted to show or demonstrate to people how bad was the status of religion and of faith in Europe around his time (1882-1887) the time when he was publishing “The Gay Science”. The story started with a man who is described as a “madman”. The madman begins by entering a marketplace and starts to shout loudly “I seek God! I seek God!” He then encounters a group of people in the…

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  • Neoliberalism Vs Individualism Analysis

    Nishita Aggarwal PGDJ14106 Individualist anarchists and collectivist anarchists have more in common with one another than they have with neoliberalism. Discuss. Anarchist ideology is defined by the central belief that political authority in all its forms, and especially in the form of the state, is both evil and unnecessary because order and social harmony can arise naturally and spontaneously, and do not have to be imposed ‘from above’ through government (Heywood, A. 2007 p 175). During the…

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