Effects Of Communism On America

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Communism for many years has been a controversial issue in America. It was a form of government that many Americans learned to stay clear of. Communism is known by definition as, a political and economic ideology that aims to replace private property with public ownership. (Communism) Living in capitalist America, this system would remove many freedoms we enjoy as Americans. One of the ways communism directly affected americans was through the Cold War. Although the Cold War, was a global conflict between capitalist United States and communist USSR, it also negatively impacted American culture because it created a sense of fear and limited freedoms in American citizens.
The start of Communism in Russia came about during the harshness of the
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McCarthy, republican senator of Wisconsin. He spent over five years trying to expose communist because they were “loyalty risk” in the government. (McCarthy) His ideology’s lead to the Red Scare. Communist were often referred to as “reds” because of their allegiance to the red Soviet flag. (Red Scare) During the Red Scare, federal employees endured a series of test to prove their loyalty to the United States government and society. These test included questions on what books and magazines they read, what union and/or civil organizations they belonged to, and whether or not they attended church. This was formerly known as the Loyalty Review Board. (Anti-Communism) The lookout for Soviet espionage began with Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in 1951, who were American citizens executed for the belief of being involved with Soviet communism. (Threat of Communism) During this time, neighbors and friends suspected one other of being Russian spies, which led to discomfort in cities and neighborhoods. (Anti-Communism) The fear of Communism also held a big effect on the entertainment …show more content…
The Civil Rights movement occurring during the middle of the fight against communism, left some activist in a negative light. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an example this. During the Civil Right Movement, Dr. King was fighting for equal rights for all people regardless of race, because of this, government officials labeled him as being Communist. (Civil Right Movement) He was one upon many others that endured this treatment. The Cold War also caused the United States to push for rights for African Americans. Propaganda was a huge tool used during the Cold War and the USSR were using propaganda to show Americans in a negative light by not having rights for their own citizens. (Civil Right Movement). The United States also sent black entertainers to project the image of America as an democracy, these were called Goodwill tours. (Civil Rights

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