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  • Brutus's Relationship In Julius Caesar

    One of the most genius playwrights of all time, William Shakespeare wrote the play Julius Caesar. As Shakespeare brings the characters Julius Caesar and Brutus to life, he is creating something that will go down in history. There are many people in this world who have, or had a relationship much like Caesar and Brutus. Just one example of this would be Hitler and Stalin. Caesar was a fearless, arrogant, and complicated ruler. He ran against Pompey in 48 B.C. Pompey was then murdered only a…

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  • Theme Of Deception In Julius Caesar

    Cassius and Marc Antony: Power of Deception Throughout Julius Caesar, the power of persuasion and deception is used as a catalyst for conflict, as well as peacekeeping. Cassius and Marc Anthony’s respective uses of deception are used in extremely similar ways through principle, however their motives are very different. In this essay, I will demonstrate how Cassius deceives Brutus for his own personal agenda, while Marc Antony deceives the angry mob to subside conflict and change the mob’s…

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  • The Importance Of Power In Julius Caesar

    that from ever happening. In the play, Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, Caesar had vivid imaginations to have supremacy over Rome; also doing whatever it takes to win over the hearts of the citizens in Rome. In turn, a group of conspirators conceived out a plot to assassinate Julius Caesar so this would never have happened. Caesar should have been penalized for his actions because…

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  • Is Julius Caesar Noble Or Noble

    In William Shakespeare 's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus possesses all of the traits of a tragic hero in the eyes of Aristotle. Brutus is the perfect candidate for a tragic hero, containing all of the tragic hero traits. This includes nobility, peripeteia, anagnorisis, and catharsis. Between everything Brutus does for the people of Rome, he shows anyone that he is the most noble of them all. He definitely proves himself to be an honorable man. Out of all the things that describe Brutus,…

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  • Persuasion In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    even if it is to win an argument. The power of persuasion could lead to a tragedy, destruction of an entire city or it can bring happiness to people. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Brutus and Cassius kill the most powerful man in Rome and thus bringing the downfall to Rome and to their own lives. In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Marc Antony has the most powerful persuasion skills because he is able to convince people by using rhetorical techniques and stronger…

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  • Julius Caesar: Hero Or Villain?

    Was Julius Caesar, ruler for life, a hero or a villain? Julius Caesar is well known by many people for making improvements to the Roman empire, and for being a hero to many citizens, foreigners and Rome itself. Specifically, he showed respect to the foreign countries and citizens, he made great changes to Rome’s government and economics, and he was declared ruler for life. Firstly, Julius Caesar showed much respect to foreign countries and citizens. Not only did he welcome foreigners with open…

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  • Julius Caesar Loyalty Quotes

    “Et tu, Brutè?- then fall, Caesar” (III, i, 85). The last words spoken by the leader, the tyrant, the man named Julius Caesar. In the play “The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare, The leader of Rome in 44 B.C.E, Julius Caesar, is assassinated by his closest allies, men he perceived to be loyal to him, among them are Caius Cassius and Marcus Brutus, who were killed in revenge by Mark Antony, Caesar’s most loyal comrade. Caesar is killed by Brutus and Cassius because they were not…

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  • Is Brutus's Soliloquy In Julius Caesar

    Brutus has a long soliloquy during Act II of Julius Caesar, in which he makes several claims regarding Julius Caesar himself. Brutus claims: if Caesar were to become king, his personality will become pure ambition and ruthlessness, and killing him will be the only way to stop him. Brutus establishes his credibility by stating he has no ill will towards Caesar; however, he wants common good for the Roman people. This is a clear example of Ethos, “I know no cause to spurn at him, but for the…

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  • Manipulation In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

    and without manipulation, the course of history would have changed dramatically. Brutus would never have joined the conspiracy to kill Caesar, and because of that, the second triumvirate would change. In William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare writes about how deceit, treachery, and facades are used time and time again for conspirators and loyal friends to get what they want. Shakespeare demonstrates how certain personality traits, such as arrogance, fickleness, and…

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  • Julius Caesar Tragedy Analysis

    that shows the fall of a noble hero from high standing to a disaster because of a character flaw. In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar and Brutus go through this during the course of the play. Julius Caesar’s flaw of arrogance and dynastic ambition, Brutus’s rigid idealism, poor judgements, and naivety are the tragic flaws that ultimately lead to their downfalls. In this play, Julius Caesar’s tragic flaw is arrogance and his dynastic ambition. He believed that he was superior…

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