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  • Dynamic Assessment Report

    mediation, post-test’ method resembles a traditional research design, but the aim is not to carry out a research study on a group of students, but to use this information to guide the learner and inform the teacher. DYNAMIC ASSESSMENT (test-teach-test): Julius Caser Subject: Inter -disciplinary English, Drama & Global History Grade Level: 10th grade Inclusion Classes Target Population: NYC’s most vulnerable students who are currently/recently homeless or transitionally housed,…

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  • Octavius Caesar Research Paper

    centuries for the better. He laid out his own foundation, and started an era that is known as the Pax Romana. Octavius was the grandnephew of Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was once the master of Rome, after two expeditions to Britain and crossing the Rubicon River without disbanding his army. After this he made himself out to be a consul and dictator. When Julius Caesar wrote his will in late 45, he did not inform Octavius that he was the heir of the throne.…

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  • Ancient Civilization: The Code Of Hammurabi

    When the first civilization had walked on earth, they may have been brought to every circumstance that life on earth had to offer them. As people of science found proofs of these, people of faith continuously thrive to explain and reason out why. Ancient creatures fought for their survival and most of them didn 't. But when humans made it through, our evolution and existence shaped the world to what it is today. The Code of Hammurabi, the laws that shaped early civilization in the Middle East…

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  • Julius Caesar Identity Analysis

    Investigating the genre identity of William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, first of all, I need to define the terms history play and tragedy, which are key instruments for the analysis. This essay suggests that they are not mutually exclusive theatrical genres, and thus can be combined in one dramatic work. From the times of Aristotle’s Poetics, tragedy is supposed to portray exceptional characters suffering and experiencing misfortunes that climax in the catharsis – emotional purification…

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  • Violence In Ancient Rome

    left. Soon he amassed a massive army to continue to harass Rome. In response, Rome sent legions upon legions to end the rebellion and in a climactic battle, Spartacus was killed and his army was decimated. Another example is the civil war started by Julius Caesar. After gaining control of troops in Gaul, he marches to the river of Rubicon where he says his quote,…

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  • Similarities Between Caesar And Alexander The Great

    Throughout history there have been many great leaders that did great things for there people. Not many of these great leaders are well represented in today’s society. There are few people who do not know at least a little about Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great, but up until a few years ago almost no one knew who King Leonidas of Sparta was and still few people know who Cato the Elder is. Is it fair that these great men, men just as worthy of praise as Caesar and Alexander, are shunned and…

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  • Brutus And Antony Speech Essay

    In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare, there are two speeches regarding the same topic that are presented to the public. Both Mark Antony and Brutus delivered speeches after the death of Julius Caesar, consisting of their opinion and explanation of what has happened and why, for the needs of the Roman people. Both of the speeches have a very distinct and different purpose, and appealed to different mental senses of the crowd (Ethos, Logos, and Pathos). As Mark Antony 's…

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  • Cleopatra Title Analysis

    up in the world of foreign and political struggles, allowing her to develop skills to rule Egypt independently. Cleopatra 's exile and Egypt 's foreign and political struggles lead her to meet two of the most powerful generals/leaders in her time - Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, resulting in her being the most famous woman of classical antiquity. This eventually effectuated to her downfall as it is said that her beauty was what captivated Caesar and Antony. Foreign/Political Struggles -…

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  • Marcus Brutus Speech Analysis

    In Julius Caesar, Brutus dives into the pretentious idea that Julius Caesar possesses an excess of negative attributes that hinder justice from occurring - attributes which he decides to reveal at the time of his speech. As an honorable figure in Rome, Brutus makes it specifically clear to everyone that for the good of Rome, Julius Caesar deserves "death for [the] ambition [he displays in the past]" (III.ii.1562). Although…

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  • Shakespeare Influences

    According to the New York Times, characters like Romeo, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, or Lady Macbeth have become cultural phenomena. Instantly recognizable when their names are spoken/given. The modern remakes/reimagining’s of these characters often differ from their Shakespearean original concept: a "Romeo" is a persistent…

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