Julian Grenfell

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  • Organized Youth Sports: An Analysis

    For my discussion post, I chose to talk about the industry of athletic development. Originally, the intentions of organized youth sports were generally good. As stated in the book, “postwar prosperity put discretionary income in the hands of parents who wanted to provide their children with opportunities that they had been denied growing up in a time of depression and war” (Davies, p. 361). In today’s society, this concept of organized youth sports has become somewhat corrupted in my opinion.…

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  • Mayan Calendar Essay

    The heavens that plume the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars will give us the passage of time. These celestial bodies gave us the way on understanding time itself. From the vast world, people have used something moreover, keep track on time or invert it. From the Ice-age the Iron-age even today used a way for keeping track time. The calendar was the generate way knowing important seasons in the world. This was the arduous beginning to record the past and plan the future. Consequently, people…

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  • Mary Mackillop Biography

    Title: Good morning teacher and class, today I will present to you a summary on the life and achievements of St Mary Helen MacKillop, the first Australian saint. I will outline about how Mary MacKillop was influenced by scripture and the society in which she lived. Introduction: Saint Mary MacKillop was a passionate and courageous catholic woman of action. Mary MacKillop (1842-1909), known in life as Mother Mary of the cross, showed compassion for anyone in need regardless of race, colour or…

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  • Ww1 Romantic Perspective

    of the war. Ernst’s treatment of the enemy almost idealized war as a concept, especially when officers in differing armies generally frowned upon both fraternization as well as the enemy they fought. The most extreme example of romanticism must be Julian Grenfell’s account in his first letter, saying “I adore war. It is like a big picnic without the objectlessness of a picnic. I have never been so well or so happy.” (War Letters of…

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