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  • What Is The Impact On The Future Of Marijuana Culture

    Marijuana, cannabis, weeds, grass, Mary Jane, or whatever you chose to call it; it is making a big uproar in the government these days. The societal impact across the media outlets are vigorous daily, a prime example of this are the “truth” commercials aired about smoking and also including the medical marijuana research commercials aired around the clock makes marijuana the latest buzz. I will explore the history of marijuana. I will also outline the significant impact that the…

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  • Smoke City Board Game Analysis

    Smoke 'em if you got 'em and if you don't got 'em, smoke 'em anyway. If that sentence made any sense, then you might be a stoner. If so, there's a great new marijuana board game that you'll be interested in. This YouTube video will tell you all about it. By the looks of it, this game could add a whole new element to getting stoned. One can only hope this kicks off a new trend for drug board games. Just think how intense Monopoly would be on cocaine. YOUTUBE PROMOTES ACTION BACK MARIJUANA GAME…

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  • Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized Essay

    Marijuana is a minced, green and brown mix of dried flowers, stems, leaves from the plant Cannabis sativa, and added chemicals. Twenty-three states have enacted laws to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Years ago you would not hear of the topic legalizing marijuana, but now the touchy subject is everywhere. It can be used for medical purposes but is a known fact that it is used more for recreational uses. Marijuana should not be legalized for many reasons. Legalization of Marijuana is a…

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  • Stewart Parnell Peanut Butter Case Study

    On September 21, 2015 Stewart Parnell was sentenced to 28 years in prison because his company, the Peanut Corporation of America, produced salmonella-contaminated peanut butter. He knew there was a problem with the peanut butter and shipped it anyway. More than 700 people became ill, 9 died. Among the fatalities are Cliff Tousignant a Korean War veteran with three Purple Hearts and Shirley Almer who fought a brain tumor and lung cancer only to succumb to Parnell's tainted peanut butter. The…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Illegal Drugs

    Is it moral, ethical, or even practical to legalize illegal drugs? Let's begin with the practical side of this discussion. In a pure world drug would not exist, but this is not a perfect world, and so we put forth the effort to provide alternate solutions to iron out the issues. Allowing these drugs to be sold in stores is not the way to control dealing and distribution of unwarranted pharmaceuticals on the streets of America. First of all smokers are subjected to a tough time, by peers, due to…

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  • Compare Prohibition To Today's War On Drugs

    This paper will compare prohibition to today’s war on drugs. In both cases propaganda and special interest groups played a major role in the federal government passing laws prohibiting certain substances. These will be compared with information that provides the background, reasons, and outcomes for both. The final policy created will address today's drug problems and most specifically those dealing with marijuana. This essay, does not make a case for approving heroin, cocaine, meth, and…

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  • Essay On Decriminalization Of Marijuana

    The negative Socioeconomic Effects of Marijuana Introduction Alcohol poisoning kills 6 people everyday and Tobacco use takes the life of 1,300 people per day. On the other hand, smoking marijuana alone has not killed a single person. Marijuana is nontoxic and cannot cause deaths by overdose. However, it does negatively affect a person's health and behavior, and is proven to have a correlation with crime rates. Over the past several years of my life as a student, I have witnessed many…

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  • Hemp Benefits

    Cannabis, aka hemp or marijuana, often triggers a negative connotation to people - especially because it is labeled as a dangerous drug, which one needs to avoid. Little do these people know that it actually has a lot of benefits that everyone should enjoy. Cannabis seeds, in particular, have a lot to offer. They are generally safe even if they are oily and high in fat. It has been known as a "superfood", and as years pass, scientists get to discover more perks you get out of it. What…

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  • Should 18 Year Olds Be Able To Drinking Age Old?

    Eighteen year olds are considered adults when they’re 18. Many people believe 18 is to young to drink because they are just getting out of school but what this over looks it that 18 year olds are considered adults, so keys should be able to make there own decisions. The definition of an adult is a person who attains the age maturity as specified law in America that is 18, so thats when they’re able to vote and do just about everything but drink. They can also buy tobacco products and tobacco…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Is Weed Really Legalized?

    Why is weed really illegal ? Have you ever asked yourself why is weed really illegal ? Sure you have been told all your life that weed is a gateway drug and that it will guide you into the wrong path. But if you do a little research you would find out the real reasons weed is illegal are much more different than what you 've been told. Lets first start talking about the history of cannabis also known as weed, most people think cannabis is a new drug but “humans started growing cannabis…

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