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  • Harry Potter Fanfiction

    Back to Hogwarts”: Fans and Redemption of Antagonists in Harry Potter’s Fanfiction Harry Potter is a literary series that has swept the world with its unique magic filled universe, and as such its fans refuse to let the world created by J.K Rowling be something found only in the pages of the original books, or in our TV screen, so they have take it upon themselves to expand or reshape Harry Potter in many interesting ways. The Harry Potter universe has become a fanfiction phenomenon, its fans…

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  • Social Problems In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

    In 1997, nobody knew that the new book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone by J.K. Rowling would change society forever. The first edition was rejected by twelve publishers until Bloomsbury Publishing paid her £1,500, equivalent to $2,247.93 in the United States. Now Rowling herself has a net worth of one-billion dollars and the Harry Potter brand is said to be worth about fifteen-billion dollars (“J.K. Rowling Net Worth”)! The topics that Rowling wrote about caused her…

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  • Fantasy Elements In Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

    appeal to readers. One of the primary reasons is that “[r]eaders…want something that gives … a sense of wonder, a glimpse at the impossible made real, sights … never otherwise see[n]” Cox says. J.K. Rowling effectively displays this, in her novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. With aspects of typical fantasy setting, the incorporation of mythical creatures and magic, Rowling has created a fantasy novel. The fantasy genre has general guidelines when it comes to creating a story for…

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  • Comparison Of Epic Heroes: Odysseus And Harry Potter

    Epic Heroes: Odysseus and Harry Potter Heroes have always been presented in our lives and will always be there in the future. It is complicated to explain who is considered as a hero because every era has its own heroic characteristics. In the ancient Greece, heroes were either demigods or mortals who served gods and goddesses and performed great deeds for humanity (LaBarge). Today’s heroes are characters who “display courage and self-sacrifice in face of adversity and act for the greater good”…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Love Of The Harry Potter World

    genders, and classes have one thing in common, their love for Harry Potter. I am proud to be one of those people. While I toss and turn, I stare at the clock and time seems to be moving extra slow. It is three in the morning, and I have to be awake in less than two hours to meet my friends that I haven 't seen in over a year at Universal Studios. I can barely contain my excitement because I will be spending two days in Harry Potter World. I grew up in the generation when J.K. Rowling was writing…

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  • Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Argumentative Essay

    because he “lacked imagination and had no ideas,” or that the Beatles were cut from a record level because the company didn’t think that they had a future in show business. (Weismen) Still harder to believe is that J.K. Rowling’s world famous book ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ was rejected by no less than 12 publishers before it was finally published in 1997 at the insistence of Bloomsbury chairman, Nigel Newton’s daughter Alice. (Vincent; Lawless “Nigel Newton”) The story of an 11…

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  • Race And Discrimination In Harry Potter By J. Rowling

    Rowling covered a lot of big topics throughout the seven installments of Harry Potter. Friendship, love, loyalty, magic, time and most importantly race. Unlike some of the other topics which are openly discussed, she decided to breach the sensitive topic of race in the cleverest of ways. Rather than speaking about race in the traditional sense we are all used too, Rowling created a metaphor for race one which focuses on blood and lineage rather than skin color. By creating these new groups,…

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  • Comparison Of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

    are the words that describe what is awesome today. One example of this is the series Harry Potter. The magical world of the Harry Potter series was written by J.K. Rowling. In fact, she comes up with the idea on a train in the summer of 1990. (Biographical interview). The first film was Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's Stone. Basically, the plot of this movie is more focused in the early life of Harry Potter and how he lives his first year at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Moreover,…

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  • Harry Potter Trauma Analysis

    series on the life of young Harry Potter. He suffers greatly by having his parents killed, is forced to live with abusive extended family, and then is literally shoved into a world of magic in which he is forced to learn quite quickly that luck is never quite on his side. Ms. Rowling’s fourth chapter of Harry’s life, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, proves no different as he is required to endure yet another traumatic year in a whole new way. While normally Harry is the main focus of the…

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  • Harry Potter Chapter Summaries

    It all begins with the protagonist, Harry Potter. The 14 year old boy wizard is known as the “Boy who lived.” Harry defeated a very evil and murderous Dark wizard, Voldemort, when he was just a infant and left the fierce battle with no injury other than a lightning shaped scar. He attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Potter only just discovered 3 years ago that he was a son of two wizards, James and Lily Potter. Voldemort and his Death Eaters , or his followers, play the part…

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