Lord Voldemort And Harry Potter Comparison

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The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling creates a fictional magical world that is parallel to the non-magical world that in turn directly reflects social issues in real life. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2002), J.K. Rowling creates a fictional world of magic that reflects the events in history. Lord Voldemort for example is that of Adolf Hitler and his ideology in view of magic and wizardry. The similarity in a belief of a supreme race, the unmatchable leadership that they held, and their childhood of both Adolf Hitler and Lord Voldemort are all too alike.
Throughout the series there is a common practice by wizards degrade those who were not pure-bloods. An example of this might be for “And I answer myself, perhaps they believe a still greater power could exists, one that could vanquish Lord Voldemort. . . perhaps now they pay allegiance to another. . .
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The ridicule of wizards and witches who are not of pure-blood go as far goes as far as to the classifications of magical blood. The “Pure-Blood” classification that one would belong if he or she had been born with magical abilities, from two magical parents and usually had extraordinary magical abilities, which would be Hitler’s classification of one born to the Aryan Race. There is the “Half-Blood” classification that one would belong if he or she had magical abilities and born from one magical parent and one non-magica, just as people who were of German decent but not under the criteria of the Aryan Race. The ideals of the Aryan Race, which was pictured as one that had blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and was physically strong with no defects. The final and the lowest level of magical blood is one call

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