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    Hector Tobar wrote a book about the predicaments that befell the Chile miners. The author provides a detailed narrative of thirty-three miners who were working in a mine that later trapped them in August 2010 (Tobar, 2015). The miners who were buried underground miraculously survived the horrific ordeal, of starvation, dehydration, and horrible living condition (Tobar, 2015). The content of the book reflects the challenges that face the nursing profession and patient care in healthcare setting. Furthermore, Tobar, the author uncovers the working condition and environment that the miners were subjected to before the mine collapse. The miners knew that the San JosĂ© copper mine was old due to continuous digging and blasting, and they complained to their manager. Unfortunately, the manager did not respond, despite their pleas (Tobar, 2015). The experiences explained in this book relate to nursing practice since inadequate protection of the rights of the patients may lead to ethical concerns that may cause patient harm or dissatisfaction (Greco, & Welsh, 2016). Considerably, analysis of this book with a focus on the ethical, legal, and spiritual aspects can provide insight into the way nurses can enhance the care of patients by considering their concerns during nursing care. Nurses can use the information from this book to understand the ways in which they can design patient care to avoid patient harm and the violation of patients’ values. Collaboration and Teamwork After…

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    The American industrial revolution of the 1800s was powered by coal. This newly harnessed energy source is what made the industrial innovations, like the fabrication of steel and iron, of the 1800s possible. In the early days of its mining, 1840, only 7,000 men were mining coal in America, but by 1870 the number of miners increased to 186,000. This increase was only the beginning. In 1900 the number of miners had surged to as many as 677,000. With the increase of workers came the increase of…

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