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  • Abduh's Contribution To Modernity Analysis

    MUHAMMAD ‘ABDUH’S CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERNITY This article “MUHAMMAD ‘ABDUH’S CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERNITY” was written by Ahmad N. Amir, Abdi O. Shuriye and Ahmad F. Ismail summarizes ‘Abduh's modernity views that brought many changes and reforms to al-Azhar and Egyptian society and many of his views transcendent to the Arab world. I will review the important points mentioned in regards to his reforms and overall evaluate the paper. According to the authors ‘Abduh wanted to bridge the gap…

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  • Islam: What Is The Ideology Of Daesh?

    What is the ideology of Daesh? For centuries Muslim scholars and philosopher have been debating about the morality and political philosophy in Islam and it is not very unclear. It’s based on Quran, Hadith, and Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence). Many Islamic scholars have argued that political theory of Islam did not exist as independent disciplines in Islam. Islamic political philosophy is in addition to Quranic exegesis, hadith, theology, ethics, historiography and philosophical works. The theory…

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  • The Importance Of Imam Muhammad

    up speaking wisdom.” 4. When Imam Malik embarked on the study of Islamic sciences with a teacher, his mother advised him to “learn from your teacher his manners before you learnnfrom him his knowledge.” Where they reside: Imam Malik’s ideology on fiqh developed into the Maliki madhab (school). As Imam Malik wished, it was not imposed on Muslims as the sole school of Islamic law. Instead, it complemented the other three schools that took precedence in the Sunni Muslim world – the Hanafi, Shafi’i…

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  • Sukuk Case Study

    A. What is Sukuk? Sukuk in general can be understood as a Shariah compliant ‘bond’. In its simplest form Sukuk represents ownership of an asset or its usufruct. The claim embodied in Sukuk is not basically a claim to cash flow but an ownership claim. This also differentiates Sukuk from conventional bonds as the former proceed over interest bearing securities, whereas Sukuk are basically investment certificates involving of ownership claims in a pool of assets. B. Type of Sukuk 1) Asset Based…

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  • Importance Of Sociological Theory In Islam

    Sociological is the study of events, trends and relationship in human societies. We can learn the principles that societies used to survive, how they develop and which factors that strengthen or weaken them through all these studies of human social relationship and institution. Basic principles are one of the characteristics of Islamic Sociological Theory. As what we know, Allah SWT is the Creator, the Ruler and the Lord that creates human in this universe. He also provided a temporary home in…

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  • Islamic Views On Abortion Essay

    4.1 Islamic Views on Abortion Preservation of life is one of the primary objectives of the Islamic Divine Law (maqasid al-shari’ah). Besides preservation of life, Islamic shari’ah also aims to preserve religion, intellect, honour (family lineage) and property. Conducts and behaviours that are deemed to violate these aims are prohibited, while conducts that are set to achieve these aims are considered morally right. In this case, since abortion involves the termination of life, it is considered…

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  • Imma Ghazali Research Paper

    Imam al –Ghazali born in the middle of the fifth century AH in the above era and later he received education up to higher level. After he had completed his studied then he became a Rector of the Nizamiyyah of Baghdad, the famous university during that time. Soon he was appointed in the legal court to handle such a big case which is to mediate between the caliph of the Abbasid and the ruler of the Saljuq. Then, suddenly at this time he realise that he should focus on other responsibility which…

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  • Homosexuality In Islam

    1.) Introduction.- The practice of Islam revolves around what is considered “morally acceptable behavior,” as outlined by the Holy Qur’an. One such behavior that is gaining momentum not only in predominately Islamic countries, but the world, is the issue of homosexuality and the designation of rights to those who identify under the all-encompassing umbrella of LGBTQ+. The moral conservatism of the faith and the number of men and women who identify as homosexual within Islamic countries are…

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  • Al Ghazali Characteristics

    Imam Al-Ghazali The life of Al-Ghazali Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali’s life can be divided into three major parts; learning, career and retirement. He earned most of his education in Tus in Persia, then in Gurgan and finally in Nisharpur. He then moved to the court of Nizam al-Mulk, where the vizier of the Seljuq Sultans appointed him as the head of Nizamiyyah College at Baghdad in 1091 AD. His career as a ‘doctor’ of the Islamic community began in Baghdad (1091-5 AD). This period…

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  • Islamic Economics Analysis

    a new generation of trained economists. Islamic economics means to organize economic activity on the one hand and realistic theory on Islamic basis. The Islamic economics argues the method on the grounds that ‘’ Materials and spirit’’ combine the Islamic concept of man. By linking Islamic economics across the western economy to determine topics search tool. The debate about the process of becoming the Islamic methodology in dealing with the priorities of economic activity, where most…

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