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  • Gender Inequality In Hunter-Gatherer Society

    everyone? In hunter-gatherer societies, none of that mattered. They worked together as communities to help each other thrive and not be put down for what they were and what they had since they had no need for possessions. By they way historians put it, they had a more fitting life than we do today. Humans have always been trying to achieve the best possible life that we could have, but is wasting away our home worth it to try and make our dream life? In hunter-gatherer societies they had all…

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  • Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Machismo Analysis

    social conduct. This system focused much more on honor than what today is viewed as right. Machismo was much more common in the past, especially in Latino and Spanish culture, when honor was more valuable, but traces can still be found in modern societies, even in the United States of America. Chronicle of a Death Foretold focuses on the fictional character Santiago Nasar, and takes place in a small village in Latin America and is set sometime in the mid 1900s. All the events of the story…

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  • The Relationship Between Men And Women Changed After The Agricultural Revolution

    The women were the ones producing the food and this made them stronger members of society. Once men became more involved with farming and converted the production into plow farming, the societies shifted into patriarchal hierarchies and the role of women was…

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  • Montaigne On The Cannibals Analysis

    and modern societies. These prejudices are apparent in Price of Love and La Traviata, where the female protagonists are each harshly judged by society for their professions. Montaigne thoroughly addressed such prejudices and decoded societal perceptions of “barbarous” acts. Modern societies as a whole, however, are often quick to place judgements without offering resolutions. In both Price of Love and La Traviata, the female protagonists move to a new world to seek a progressive society, yet…

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  • Cooperation And Reciprocal Relationship

    Relationships, social networking, social media, society, all terms that imply cooperation, and a willingness engage with other people. Several researchers across multiple disciplines have studied these interactions and proceedings. Some looking to gain insight into why social interactions take place, and why relationships exist. Others seeking to explain that only certain types of interactions have value and what those values are. However, no single discipline focuses solely on cooperation,…

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  • Individual Control In Society Essay

    Individual’s Control in the Types of Society Individuals themselves rarely prove to, singularly, have a large effect on society alone, yet when compiled together as a collective they shape all walks of life. Posing the question of, how powerful an individual unit is in the grand scheme of a product is difficult when trying to find out the realistic power of just one. In the essays “The Myth of the Ant Queen” and “Biographies of Hegemony,” written by Steven Johnson and Karen Ho respectfully, the…

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  • Assignment 1: Keys To Effective Change

    consequence if underperforming students don’t score well on standardized assessments not rather on not they know how to transfer the skill and apply it. The viewpoints of the Staff get overlooked when in actuality they are the true drivers of change in our society because they are placed in the position to educate our children. If the beginning stages is flawed by not incorporating the environment of the learner, change will not be implemented successfully if the teachers don’t believe in the…

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  • S1q2 Science Report: Friction In Everyday Life

    S1Q2 Science Report – Friction Friction is part of our everyday life. It has modernised the world we live in however, there are opposing thoughts on the true benefits. Friction is the force that resists motion of moving objects. Hence, the smoother the surface the less friction there is, unlike gravity or electromagnetism, friction is not a fundamental force. Instead, it is believed that friction is the result of the electromagnetic attraction between two touching surfaces with charged particles…

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  • Society In Brave New World

    In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley writes about many different ideas and social behavior that differs from our society today. In Brave New World the society is united and constant. In today’s world there is disorder and unnecessary problems. In the novel the society is “accustomed” to be in a certain order. There is no poverty, diseases, and suffering unlike the world today. In the World State, it is a totalitarian government. All freedom and liberty are lost, but the people don’t know that…

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  • Should Humanities Be Paid Any Attention?

    “The calling of the humanities is to make us truly human in the best sense of the word” (Miller). We are shaped by our experiences as humans and as the saying goes, life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it. What determines the actions we take? The humanities. That goes to show that the importance of humanities cannot be overemphasized. The chasm that exists between both the STEM and humanities has proven to be nothing short of a bane on the growth of the…

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