Ethnic cleansing

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  • Edna Blalock's Article: A Theory Of Middleman Minorities

    whitening of Jews (Brodkin 70). “The House I Live In” film captures this affirmative action transformation because it’s message was: it does not matter what ethnicity or religion you were; everyone was white. “The House I Live In” only touched upon ethnic races that were white, like Italian-Americans and Jewish-Americans. They completely disregarded African-Americans; and no people of color were in the film. These Europeans were of similar color were considered just like “everyone…

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  • Affirmative Action Definition

    There are multiple variations for defining race. There is one definition, however, that most people confine to which is race being a group of people who have different and similar biological traits. Commonly, race is defined as if it is a term that is solid or concrete, but really it is socially fabricated. In society, race is based on the difference in physical appearance which is determined by the most apparent trait; skin color. Although race is socially constructed, the biological sense that…

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  • The Role Of German Immigrants During World War I

    Throughout the Industrial Revolution, many Germans immigrated to the United States in search of a new life. By 1830, 37% of the population spoke German, making it the most commonly spoken language after English. Yet the German immigrants ' ability to coexist with the rest of society was made especially difficult from the late 19th century to World War I. Scholars and authors can agree that American sentiment towards Germany and German-Americans shifted quite rapidly from being tolerant to…

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  • Hispanic Self Identification

    American,” “Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander,” and “White,” (“Hispanic Origin”). Individuals who self-identify as ethnically Hispanic can choose to also identify as any of the racial categories. Every census since 1980 has included a, “distinct ethnic question separate from the race question,” (Mora). The ethnicity question contains “five separate response categories and one area where respondents could write in a specific Hispanic group [if their country of origin was not listed as a…

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  • Police Hostility Towards Aboriginal People Case Study

    Police Hostility Towards Aboriginal People In the case of an emergency, police forces are the first to receive a call – as it is a lesson we are taught since childhood. They are our protectors from any type of malicious harm without regard to our ethnic background or our genders. In retrospect, has equality been the major focal point of police forces or does your ethnicity really come into question when in a life or death situation? This essay shall look at police hostility towards Aboriginal…

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  • Model Minority Myth Research Paper

    the endorsement of positive stereotypes found within the “model minority myth” impact psychological well being and help seeking attitude amongst various subgroups of Asians in America. Past research has placed emphasis on Asians in America as one ethnic population without…

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  • Race And Ethnicity In Sociology Essay

    In this essay, the aim is to explore how race and ethnicity is perceived in Singapore, and specifically what social significance entails when race and ethnicity interchange or manifests itself to become the other and provide social definitions to form social reality. It is argued that the extent of the interchangeability of race and ethnicity simply rest on state discretion whenever there is a need to combine the Malay/Muslim community into a single entity. By analysing the interchangeability of…

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  • Identity In Vietnam Essay

    This write-up seeks to address the question of the postcolonial identity which emerges from the text, Yuva (2004) by Mani Ratnam. The subject(s) form a sense of communal unity in identity despite being from different social and regional backgrounds, highlighting different roles/identities being played out during the course of the movie and how these identities synthesize by the end of it. For Benedict Anderson, nation “is an imagined political community--and imagined as both inherently limited…

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  • Acculturation In American Universities

    the importance of focusing on social factors when helping these international students adjust to American universities. Specifically, there was a stronger relationship found between connections to the dominant culture as opposed to their specific ethnic group (Du, 2012). This gives insight into the ways universities should handle distress and culture shock, especially when these students are referred for counseling. Universities should promote support groups, cross-cultural mentoring, or host…

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  • Analysis Of Bandura's Self Efficacy Theory

    1. Introduction The disparities in hypertension prevalence in various racial or ethnic groups exist since 1960, being highest in the non-Hispanic African-American adults . Apart from having higher prevalence of hypertension, this group reportedly has poor blood pressure control as compared to non-Hispanic whites , and poor adherence . One of the theories used to explain medication adherence behavior in patients with hypertension is Bandura’s Self-efficacy theory. Self-efficacy is the person’s…

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