Dauphin of France

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  • The Importance Of Refugees In New Zealand

    First steps in New Zealand When refugees and asylum seekers arrive in New Zealand they spend the first six weeks adjusting to life in the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre. The centre, where currently 165 refugees are staying, consists of four different agencies: Immigration, Medical, Counselling, and Education. Maria Lawyer, who has spent 28 years researching and being involved in refugee education, is a manager at the Centre for Refugee Education. Ms Lawyer always felt strongly about…

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  • My Visit To Paris Essay

    Visiting Paris, France have always been a great desire for me. There is not one specific reason to explain this desire, but rather a collection of things that draw my specific attention to Paris. Perhaps my first visit to Republic of Congo and the French language being their lingua franca got me intrigued. I love to experience the original French cuisine, the art, the fashion, the architecture, and everything Paris has to offer and their smooth language. Also I have always brought up this ideal…

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  • Male Sexuality In France's 'Masculine Weakness'

    Outrage for Masculine Weakness: Analysis of Male Sexuality in Fin-de-Siècle France The second half of the nineteenth century saw many French men questioning their masculinity after their demoralizing defeat in the Franco-Prussian War. Emperor Napoleon III had formed the Second Empire, then the regime of the French government, in 1852 after being elected as president and then appointing himself to a higher position. France seemingly flourished during the years under Napoleon III’s reigns,…

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  • Assimilation By Eugene Gloria Essay

    Every day thousands of people are leaving behind their home countries to move away for one reason or another. With each individual that enters into a new country, there are different challenges, new experiences, and new opportunities for them. Leaving behind everything a person knows can be very daunting and sometimes very difficult to assimilate to the new society. From young children into adulthood, everyone has had a desire to feel like they belong somewhere. The efforts to fit into a certain…

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  • Georges Pompidou: French Architecture Design Center

    The video is about Georges Pompidou center. At 1969 when Georges Pompidou became the president of France he aimed to build a culture center in the downtown of Paris that contain a vast library, art museum, design center, and institute of contemporary music. Therefore, he organized an architecture competition, and for the first time in France, the outlandish architects were allowed to participate. Between six hundred and eighty-one design, this design has been choosing. This design is by the two…

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  • Syrian Refugees Crisis

    Safety is a priceless commodity. Nevertheless, Syrian migrants paying an average of 2500 euro ($2840) to be smuggled into European nations would argue otherwise. The Syrian refugee crisis continues to be an international issue as the United States and other non-European nations begin to extend asylum offers to refugees, while European nations hope the 230 million euros they have invested in researching methods to hinder illegal immigration will prove successful in combatting refugees looking to…

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  • Essay On Unfair Immigration Laws

    The debate over the rights of immigrants or refugees remains unresolved and countries seem to be increasingly hostile towards these groups of individuals. Though the issue of immigration is often debated with emphasis purely on the economic effects of immigration, I believe that often the social side of immigration is forgotten. When we debate legislation, we speak about the jobs that immigrants might take, but we never speak about the way in which an immigrant’s family unit is affected by the…

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  • Statue Of Liberty Research Paper

    given to the U.S by France in the year 1886. The entire Statue was completed in Paris between 1881 and 1884, with the help of tons of workers working ten hour days, seven days a week for nine years. It was completed in 1885, disassembled into 350 pieces, and then…

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  • Essay On Halloween Contacts Lenses

    Special Effects of Halloween contacts lenses On Halloween, the party and holiday lovers dress up with some unique costumes. They try their best to look the best and for this, they spend lots of money on their dresses. However, when they ready for the occasion, something is always missing due to which they are not able to look perfect in their costumes. What may be the missing thing? The answer is very simple; they are the eyes which don’t match the dress. Due to the eyes the beauty of your dress…

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  • How Was Napoleon Guilty Of Crimes Against Humanity?

    as a power hungry dictator nor should he be accused of crimes against Humanity. Reason being is that Napoleon Bonaparte has proven time and time again that his best interest was for the people of France. This is shown by his many reforms which helped abolished inequality amongst social classes in France, spreading enlightenment ideas throughout Europe, and his military genius, losing only two battles during his unification of Europe. These are all qualities of a good leader and only further…

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