Dauphin of France

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  • Oath Of Horatii Analysis

    paintings that depict a historic scene with similar traditional composition techniques. However, the styles and specific subject matter differ and reflect on the location and intentions of the artists. David’s painting, made in the Neoclassical period in France and was a royal commission that required him to paint something that depicted loyalty towards the republic. Hence David painted a historic event set in ancient Rome, where three brothers from the Horatii family agree to fight for Rome…

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  • Essay On The Storming Of Bastille

    The Bourbon monarchy ruled France in the 1700’s. Because of how harsh the monarchy was and food shortages, there was unrest in the French people. A crowd formed and began making its way to the Bastille, where a few prisoners were being held captive and weaponry. They began to fire at guards in the towers and then took cover when they were…

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  • An Analysis Of Marie Antoinette's Letter To Her Mother

    Marie Antoinette was the Austrian queen of France in the mid-late 1700’s. She was married off to the king of France’s son at fourteen years of age and was executed for treason along with her husband Louis the XVI of France in 1793, late in the French Revolution. She lived the rich and extravagant life of a queen, which makes sense since she was one. Her careless spending during a time when food and resources in France were scarce, along with false accusations, were reasons for her execution.…

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  • Liberalism Vs Conservatism Analysis

    During the nineteenth century, Europe began seeing a number of ideologies emerge. However none more so than Liberalism and Conservatism have managed to affect European politics and split Europe in its progression into the nineteenth century and away from the events experienced in the eighteenth century. Despite both ideologies being important in structuring Europe, it would be Liberalism that would achieve a more effective path in nation building and unification as the pressing issue of…

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  • Essay On Sexuality In Beowulf

    Since the early days of writing and even spoken word, stories often tell of the time in which they were first told, even if that story may be about dragons, mythical kings, or even magical beings. We learn from these stories and the insight they have to offer us in modern day education and observation. We learn how things operated, how people were treated, the views on religion, and sexuality, and in this particular case, women’s sexuality. It is no surprise that in history women are more than…

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  • Revolution: The Real Cause Of The French Revolution

    dong the work day in and day out fell as if they are have been betrayed by the very people that are supposed to be helping them prosper in life, the government. This is exactly what Benjamin Franklin believes to the truth, and what the people of France in 1789 found to be a stark reality. The peasants, typically farmers, and the Bourgeoisie, France’s wealthiest class, felt that their chances to better their lives were being restricted by their own government. Shortly after this consensus the…

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  • The Virgin And Child With St. Anne By Leonardo Da Vinci

    The Virgin and Child with St. Anne (Fig. 1) was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci on 1510. The painting depicted St. Anna, her daughter the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus. Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Roma Pietà (Fig. 2) was created on around 1499. The sculpture depicted the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus, most often found in sculpture. Mary and Jesus are shown in both of these two artworks but in a different period of their life. Christ is shown sliding off his mother’s knee and…

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  • 3rd Estate Dbq Analysis

    By the late 1700s, the people of France had experienced many years of inequality and oppression with the members of the Third Estate having to pay the most. In the midst of a financial crisis, the country of France was barely surviving on its own, and the unclear distinctions between the social classes was not helping. In order to fix the country, France drew inspiration from both its own citizens and from citizens in the colonies abroad. Abbé Sieyès’s What is the Third Estate? and the…

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  • Impact Of The Reign Of Terror On The French Revolution

    Robespierre, the Jacobins believed that to preserve “republican liberty,” terror needed to be made a “deliberate government policy” (Perry, 471). This meant that action needed to be taken in order to ensure that aristocracy would not come back to plague France. Yet, it is important to note that although the Jacobins strongly utilized the guillotine, as this was one of the sole tools available to behead the victims of the Terror, they did this not because they were “blood thirsty or power mad,”…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Influence On Mona Lisa

    One of the most influential and well known people in the history of humanity was a man who combined invention, art, nature, and science together in a way that would revolutionize how life and creation were perceived by everyone. Leonardo Da Vinci was responsible for these contemporary contributions that changed art and science for ever. Hundreds of revolutions had occurred before his time, however the way he perceived the world allowed him to experience life in a very different way from every…

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