Cultural heritage

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  • Fieldwork In Anthropology

    Ethnographic fieldwork in anthropology is seen as the most important source of new knowledge about society and culture. There is no simple recipe for fieldwork. The overall main aim of fieldwork is to develop as intimate an understanding as possible of the society or culture being studied. Traditionally the aim of fieldwork was to account for the workings of a particular society but not to explain how it emerged. Anthropologists such as Kroeber and Evans-Pritchard have since stressed the…

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  • Down To The Countryside Movement Analysis

    Han Shaogong captures the emotion and experiences of the Cultural Revolution, and the Down to the Countryside Movement from the perspective of an educated youth in his novel, “A Dictionary of Maqiao.” In the novel, the reader follows an educated youth as he travels to the countryside as a part of Mao’s “Down to the Countryside Movement.” The “Down to the Countryside Movement” was an effort by Mao Zedong to eradicate the anti-bourgeois thinking that he believed was prevalent in his country. Mao…

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  • The Millennial Generation: The Worst Generation

    People are categorized by their age from the date of their birth to the current time. Age not only influences one’s life span but the time period they were raised in, the life changing events they’ve gone through and the different lifestyles they became accustomed to. In the United States the generation of Baby Boomers have been overly studied and critique by researchers, with their influx of birth rates from the years of 1946-1964, and their overwhelmingly demand of hospital delivery rooms,…

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  • Terry Kelly And Rose Stone Ethical Analysis

    Every day, those in social science aim to do research while remaining ethical. Some situations involve tough decisions based on ethics, and cannot always be looked at in the cultural perspective of the one doing research. Such cases are beneficial and can help educate others about the decisions anthropologists have to make without being ethnocentric. Two anthropologists, Terry Kelly and Rose Stone, were given tough situations revolving around ethics. In the end, they both made the right…

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  • Baby Boomers Research Paper

    SLIDE 1 Today’s marketplace is increasingly diverse. A form of diversity includes the generational differences of the persons employed in the workforce. Because each generation has differs from the next there are challenges in managing the four generations of persons employed in today’s workplace. It becomes crucial that managers and employee alike realize the ways in which the needs of each group of persons differ from the others in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses (Bartley,…

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  • Tourism Industry Essay

    and ocean cruises. The difference between river cruises and ocean cruises are river cruise ship is smaller. It only can carry fewer passengers in the ship. But the river cruise’s price is almost same as ocean trip. River cruises are themed around cultural or historical events. In fact, the vast majority of our water travel is done by ferry. Ferry is a transportation that can fetch the vehicle to cross the sea. Ferry helps the car to cross the sea, it is very convenient for the car to reach…

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  • Effects Of Cultural Diversity On Team Performance

    literature there is no agreement about the effects of cultural diversity on team performance. What is certain is that the role of multicultural teams has increased a lor in the latest years and multinational companies started to pay great attention on these effects. Generally cultural diversity can affect the team performance in three ways: ● People find easy to work and cooperate with whom shared similar values, attitudes and beliefes according to the cultural similarity theory; ● People tend…

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  • The Effects Of Cultural Relativism On Culture

    the civilization, I believe that Cultural Relativism is the best approach to the issues surrounding violence and war, namely the lack of Cultural Relativism. Cultural Relativism is “the concept that the importance of a particular cultural idea varies from one society or societal subgroup to another, the view that ethical and moral standards are relative to what a particular society or culture believes to be good/bad, right/wrong” ( In theory, Cultural Relativism is accepting the…

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  • Four Types Of Relativism

    would be terribly boring if we all agreed on the same things. What is considered to be right and wrong merely depends on society and cultural beliefs. With that being said, what may be correct in the moral aspect for one, may be totally despicable for another individual. This way of thinking correlates to relativism. There are several different types of relativism. Cultural relativism, descriptive ethical relativism, and normative relativism. There are many situations in which relativism and…

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  • Conflict In Gran Torino

    Hmong culture, he was able to properly communicate without being offensive, which contributed to Walt becoming more respected by Sue’s family. This situation presented the importance of individuals becoming willing to adjust their actions to obey the cultural values and beliefs of differing…

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