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  • Essay On Geek Culture

    The purpose of the study, A Psychological Exploration of Engagement in Geek Culture, was to identify and understand why people participate in geek culture. Geek culture is defined as a subculture of enthusiasts that are interested in “obscure” media such as anime, sci-fi, and videogames. However, there are many faucets of the culture and it has become increasingly appealing to mainstream audiences, causing a greater shift in active engagement. Despite geek interests once being marginalized,…

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  • Film Analysis: The Edge Of Heaven

    In the movie Auf Anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven), the father (Ali Aksu) has a very difficult time molding into the German culture because he has very strong Turkish ties, and because of this he is struggling to assimilate. Now on the other hand his son (Nejat Aksu) is having an easier time assimilating (molding) into the German culture well for one reason his age younger people can change their beliefs in a heartbeat because that 's what we do. In addition to that the son in the movie is a…

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  • Ten Years Of Chaos Analysis

    The term is fitting. A decade when the only true authority in China was fear, the Ten Years of Chaos (better known as the Cultural Revolution) found its victims in millions of people, creating a dark and bitter age that continues to live in infamy. However idealistic the goals of the Cultural Revolution were, there was no firm plan for its execution. Terrifying purges, torture and brutality were simply enacted on the whims of the Chinese communist dictator, Mao Zedong, and the brainwashed youth…

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  • Chinese Cultural Revolution Research Paper

    The Chinese Cultural Revolution Grew up and educated in China, the Chinese Cultural Revolution was only briefly mentioned in my history class. The way the textbook described the Cultural Revolution, made it seems so insignificant and “normal”. Living abroad, with access to more information, I want to uncover it from the “history textbook”. First, I want to know how exactly the Cultural Revolution happened and evolved. The Cultural Revolution started in 1966 by Chairman Mao Zedong and the…

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  • Essay On Influential Figures

    Everyone, from the head of political movements to the rich and working class to the bottom of the social pyramid has been affected by history and the current events of their lives. No one can evade the historical circumstances of their lives. Ordinary people recall what it was like living during the event and how it affected their lives. Influential figures like Mao, know the inside workings of the event, how it started and the actual purpose. Understanding China’s twentieth century history…

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  • Millennials: Apathetic Or Feminist?

    For a long time, older generations have liked to moan and bemoan about the younger generation. It has happened since at least the 1920s, when the new woman emerged and rejected the traditions of the Victorian era. Though this has almost become a “rite of passage” as said by Aaron Kaufman in “an Open Letter from a Millennial to Society,” it has made Millennials the “butt” of many mean jokes, and they have had to face many insults about how they are “the dumbest, laziest, most entitled,…

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  • Business Leadership Trends

    Business leaders of the past and present often agree on some of the core business principles established within a company establishment and principle values. However, the different generation of leaders do differ in opinions on how to transpose a company’s workforces as they move into the future. Most of these core disputes are noted in the trends that occur during that generations tenured. As the work environment changes it is increasingly difficult to obtain the happiness of many employees,…

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  • Comparing Two Generations

    Throughout time, generation after generation has emerged and transformed the world. Some had significant accomplishments while others did not. What is it that makes up a remarkable generation? Is it determined by their hard work, values, or intelligence? Past generations fought for their independence, rights, and equality. But what is so salient about generations X and Y? Theses two generations have helped mold how humanity is perceived, and these two generations are going to educate the next…

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  • Merton's Anomie Theory

    more likely to occur in poverty. Which, it is possible for this study to retested where it could prove that crime in these areas is due to blocked opportunity to legitimate means to obtain cultural goals. Schaible and Altheimer’s findings are consistent with Merton’s notion that imbalance in social and cultural structure need not necessarily result in higher homicide rates, but only tends to do so when there is an imbalance in which either means are deemphasized or materialism excessive (2015,…

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  • Mao Zedong's Failure Of The Cultural Revolution In China

    Cultural Revolution Tsun Hin Ng 9E Introduction The Cultural Revolution was a movement that took place in China during 1966 to 1976 aiming to cancel traditional thoughts and practices such as confucianism and to strengthen the thoughts of communism. He also aimed to have a fair and equal community amongst the people. Background Information – Before the Revolution Before the Cultural Revolution, Mao launched a movement called the ‘Great Leap Forward’. This movement aimed on industrialising…

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