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  • Yukichi Fukuzawa Essay

    and made the greatest impact within the Japanese culture. He established universities, newspapers, publishers, taught commercial and political undertakings, while doing his best to practice them. Fukazawa wrote a few books during the Edo period and Meiji Period, which have inspired the Japanese culture. His autobiography explains his roots and how he journeys through life from Tokugawa to Meiji. Fukuzawa was the youngest, born into the low-ranking samurai of the Okudaira Clan of Nakatsu on…

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  • Meiji Japan Analysis

    During the era of Meiji Japan, Japan opened its doors and became influenced by societies like Europe. In Sanshirō: a Novel by Natsume Sōseki, Japan became influenced by Europe’s ideas of individuality and humanism. The people in Meiji Japan believed and accepted to a great extend the European narrative of the Enlightenment of humanism, people being seen as a human who determine their own destiny, individuality, which meant people do what is in their self-interest, people were logical and…

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  • Gender Roles In Japanese Culture

    With The increased spread of Buddhist and Confucian values “that regulated women to a subordinate position[s]” women saw a sudden stripping of many of their rights (131). Women of this time period were “transformed from people who could have property to people that both were and could have property” as shown through the handling of rape cases where there was more emphasis placed on the “mediation of property transmission and the maintenance…

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  • The Bakufu System

    at that period, this battle during late Heian-period, and this battle is meaningful for the late of history of Japan, because when this battle finished, the Family of “Taira” is destroyed by the family of “Minamoto” and the family of “Minamoto” established the first Bakufu system, called the “Kamakura bakufu”, this…

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  • Ebola Virus Disease Analysis

    In March 2014 the world was hit by the news that there had been an outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the west of Africa. Although this is not the first outbreak of this disease, it is the most severe outbreak we have ever seen since its discovery in 1976. This essay aims to talk about what the EVD is, the current epidemic and the risk for people around the world. Ebolavirus is named after the Ebola River in Zaire (now The Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1976. The first outbreak of…

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  • Igor Stravinsky: Metaphorical Chain Of Music

    Have you ever been beaten, bruised, and chained to something in a dark basement? If you answered “yes” to the previous question, then congratulations! If you answered “no”, then you need to get out more. Today, I am here to discuss music for the eighty-three billionth time. So let’s get on with it. Let me introduce our two composers. First, we have Claude Debussy. And next, there is Igor Stravinsky. Now, you might be thinking, “Why did our history lesson start off with a question about chains?”…

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  • The Heian Period: Japan's Golden Age

    The Heian period, often called Japan’s Golden Age, was a time when the aristocrats led a great flourishing of Japanese culture. They created advancements in architecture, had powerful families to keep the peace intact, conducted an efficient social system, made entertainment more updated, used new beauty and fashion styles, art became very important, and literature became greatly prized. The aristocrats created a spectacular culture that still lives on to this day. Heian-kyo, the new capital…

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  • Black Symbolism In Easter Culture: Kinkakuji

    of Japan liked to use gold leaf in buildings and furniture as a representation of their power. The lowest floor of Kinkakuji was a room for relaxation and entertainment it is built in the Shinden style used for palace buildings during the Heian Period, and it is the only floor that is not covered in gilded wood. Its natural wood pillars and white plaster walls contrast yet complements the gilded upper stories of the pavilion. The dark color…

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  • Tudor England Film Analysis

    that some film studios during this period did not wish to cause offence, and therefore utilised historical films on Tudor England to put forward their own political agenda. This essay will then examine how these historical films on Tudor England became central to the propaganda mission. We will discuss how these films begun adopting…

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  • Clever Murasaki's The Tale Of Genji

    The Heian period, which lasted from 794 to 1185 CE, was undoubtedly the basis of modern Japanese culture. The period began when the Emperor, Emperor Kammu, moved the capital of Japan from Nara to Heian-Kyō (now known as Kyoto) after Buddhist monasteries became oppressive. The Heian period is also known for the Fujiwara Clan. During the Heian period, the emperor lost most of his power and became more of a representative to Japan letting aforementioned Fujiwara Clan gain said power. They were a…

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