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  • Monteverdi Gender Roles

    The issue of gender is very much present in nowadays musicological debates. Researchers present their different views on the topic, which may be opposing in some cases. Just like popular music influences our perception of gender, classical music is also one of the most important genres to consider when talking about gender representation. We can recognize several patterns of gender representation also in Monteverdi’s operas and connect them with the society on the turn from Renaissance to early…

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  • Democracy And Greece's Golden Age Analysis

    Chapter 5.3- Democracy and Greece’s Golden Age Pericles’ Plan for Athens: Pericles, a general, politician, and speaker, led Athens for the most part of its Golden Age. His goals were to strengthen Athenian democracy, hold and strengthen the empire, and glorify Athens. Pericles increased public officials who were paid salaries in order to achieve his first goal. During his rule, Pericles introduced direct democracy to Athens. To strengthen the Athenian empire, Athens needed a stronger navy.…

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  • Han Fei Tzu Legalism Analysis

    Han Fei Tzu: Legalism, is an ancient Chinese philosophy concerned with the art of rulership and the stability of the state. Along with hundreds of other philosophical schools, legalism emerged during the Warring States Period (453-422 BC), a time of intense political and intellectual turmoil. Unlike other schools of thought, legalism defined the strength of the state, through a system of punishments and rewards, propagated by common laws. Neither concerning itself with Confucian idealization of…

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  • The Renaissance Period: The Early Modern Period

    Renaissance is called as the early modern period and a time of enlightenment with most famous art, discoveries, poetry, medicine, inventions and other achievements were accomplished. Even some ideas of old time were intact but many new beliefs and concepts were formed as well. The medieval time was a challenging period with too plagues and other evil acts of inhuman nature. Later, the world changed a lot and diseases and evils of old time started to disappear. This however took much time to…

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  • Animal Testing And Ethics

    Scientists, when it comes to responsibility, will take credit when something helps people, but not when something kills a lot of people. If people’s tax dollars are paying for something, people do have a right to say what is being done with your tax money. Most scientists, if you ask them, will say that they have ethics. What they usually mean, according to Miller in lecture, is the legal thing. The law simply states what you can or can not do. It is just a piece of paper, more or less. Ethics…

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  • Land God Quotes

    "Land God !" Qin Fen slowly opened his eyes, to see an old man with strange runic lines across his wrinkled face . "What the " Qin Fen suddenly seeing this strange face was naturally frightened. Qin Fen suddenly took step back, only, to see that he was surrounded by quite a few strange old man. Looking around, he was on alter near a big tripod, covered with incense above, and there were people kneeling in the distance. "The Land God, the Land God!" A dry voice again sounded. Qin Fen was…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Quin And Han Dynasties

    The Quin and Han dynasties were both very beneficial and influential for the Chinese empire, but both had their fair share of problems. After the Warring States Period the Qin came out victorious. The Qin king didn’t think that emperor was enough so named himself Shihuangdi, or First Emperor. Some of the benefits under his reign was the standardization of weights, measurements, coinage and carts axle lengths. He had the Great Wall and thousands of miles of roads built. Some of the repercussions…

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  • Essay On Problem Posing

    Science Academy followed a fairly disciplined schedule. With two hours of math and science, and an hour for other required classes, the goal of the school was get students to work on becoming critical thinkers. However, being in the longer class periods did not always provide this service, unlike the shorter periods. Based on Freire’s idea of the banking concept of education and problem-posing education, the two hour classes were more likely to demonstrate the banking concept due to teachers…

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  • Capital Punishment In Early Modern Europe

    Early Modern Europe is a period modern historians date from around 1450 to the beginning of the industrial revolution in late 18th century Britain. It is considered a transition period from the Medieval world to the modern world, and thus has elements of both in most aspects of life at this time. The Legal system was not an exception as during the 17th century, the legal system across Europe was changing to reflect the centralizing power of the crown or lack thereof. The new legal systems tried…

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  • Essay On Zoroastrianism

    laws and regulation against the civilians. The Han rulers modified some of the harsher aspects of the Zhao dynasty; Confucian ideals of government, out of favor during the Qin period, were adopted as the creed of the Han Empire, and Confucian scholars gained prominent status as the core of the civil…

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