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  • The Poem To His Coy Mistress

    “To His Coy Mistress,” is a poem about a man telling a woman that he desires her and that they don’t have much time to be together so they should love each other while they have a chance. The message of this poem is rather straight forward. The speaker used beautiful words to spell out that he wishes to sleep with the shy mistress and that they should seize the day because time never stops and no matter what they do time will continue to pass. The poem’s rhythm of alternating unstressed and…

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  • Asking For Roses By Robert Frost Analysis

    The Invaluable Significance of Acquiring Knowledge Through Nature: An Analysis of Robert Frost 's Poetry The term “mother nature” is used quite frequently and portrayed as such in many literary works. It is concordant throughout history that nature has proven itself valuable for nourishment, home, recreation, relaxation and safety. As a child learns from a mother through example, mother nature also provides wisdom in this manner. Through exposure and interactions with nature, a deeper…

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  • Glory Of Women Sassoon Analysis

    Paper 2: Explication of Glory of Women The poem “Glory of Women” written by Siegfried Sassoon can best be described as a direct address to women during the time of WWI. The title, “Glory of Women,” is quite ironic seeing as though the term “glory” carries a great religious affiliation. The word itself refers to praise, honor, and distinction, words generally not synonymous with Sassoon’s tone throughout the poem. Additionally, another irony present is Sassoon’s utilization of sonnet form for…

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  • Porphyria's Lover And Neutral Tone Analysis

    “Porphyria’s Lover” & “Neutral Tones”: The Sinister Similarities of the Speakers The loss of a loved one is perhaps the most difficult experience that humans ever come up against. The poem “Porphyria’s Lover”, written by Robert Browning, adds a sense of irony to this. At the most superficial layer, the speakers in both “Porphyria’s Lover” and “Neutral Tones”, written by Thomas Hardy, both deal with loss. The tones in “Neutral Tones” seem to be indifferent, or Neutral. The speaker of…

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  • Sleepless Poem Summary

    Throughout the poems that we have studied on Irish poets, there is an overarching theme of domestic interiors, particularly in the poetry of Vona Groarke. Throughout her writing, Groarke conveys this theme while captivating the reader with her words, as they are reading and her ability to maintain the readers interest throughout her work. Her themes are dark and depressive, but she also creates a speaker (the narrator) who questions their purpose in life and wonders why life has so many…

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  • Analysis Of To My Dear And Loving Husband

    Anne Bradstreet’s To My Dear and Loving Husband is a love poem that was published in 1678. Bradstreet explores the themes of time, faith, value, and identity through the speaker’s love for her husband. Through this poem, Bradstreet expresses Puritan values towards love and discusses the potential immortality of love. To My Dear and Loving Husband shares similarities to a sonnet, but alters with the rhyme scheme and use of twelve lines in comparison to the usual fourteen lines. Bradstreet crafts…

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  • The Prisoners Of War Analysis

    "The Prisoners of War,” a relatively short poem by Tom Disch, written in 1972, is riddled with imagery and deeper meaning. Even in the opening line, Disch cuts to the point. “Their language disappeared a year or so after the landscape: so what can they do now but point?” (line 1-3). Here it does not take much to get an interpretation. He is saying that our society has lost something. We have lost our “language,” meaning our ability to have intimate face-to- face conversations. That…

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  • Night Poem Analysis

    The modernist era of poetry usually carries the theme of disillusionment, hopelessness, and a generally depressing depiction of life. Louise Bogan’s “Night” takes on a different theme of hope and contentment, despite the irony of the title. Using a variety of literary techniques, from natural symbols to personification, Bogan effectively creates a poem commenting on how life goes on after we are gone but it will still be beautiful and there is still hope. Despite being included as a modern poet…

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  • Orlando Conflict Of Love

    The play, As You Like It by Shakespeare, is a medieval love comedy. Orlando, one of the main characters, falls deeply in love with Rosalind. However, they both have different perspective of love. Orlando has to demonstrate that he is very in love with Rosalind. In the play, there’s a conflict of realistic love and fantasy love. On the side, Orlando seems to have problematic relationship with his brother, Olivier. Oliver does not like Orlando due to his personality and people’s perspective of…

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  • I Heard A Fly Buzz Poem Analysis

    assonance and consonance, and word play to connect the form of the poem to the words in the poem. Though many of their poems’ meanings cover many subjects, by using formal elements of poetry, Cummings and Dickinson create poetry that has a resounding impact on the reader; they create lessons for us to remember, poetry that will not be forgotten. One of the most notable things about E.E. Cummings is his interesting usage of line stopping and enjambment.…

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