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  • Becoming An Electrical Engineer

    Paving the way for a getter future, and becoming an Electrical Engineer. Many reasons are responsible for this sudden career change. After discussing a ling self-evaluation with my wife, whom I trust more than one, we feel that a change may be needed for our children to have certain opportunities. As a result, I have decided to pursue a career in Electrical Engineering with a primary goal in mind—becoming a Sr. Engineer. I believe now is the right time to begin a new career change. Not only is…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Mechanical Engineering

    the best route to make my dreams a reality. It definitely will not be easy though. I have to get the proper education and as well as make sure I can support myself while trying to get hired, and even find out if I could get a job as a mechanical engineer. What is a Mechanical Engineering ?…

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  • Community Service Learning Reflection

    classes and community work complement one another and have very beneficial outcomes in the long run. The chapter also highlights some of the key essential attributes for all engineers which consist of understanding engineering design, science, math, and good communication skills. These essential attributes are needed by all engineers in order to be successful in the work field, almost all fields of engineering can participate in community service learning. There are many different fields…

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  • Mechanical Engineering Career Progression

    As a Mechanical Engineer, there are a surplus of professional and unprofessional organizations to join in order to improve life as an engineer. These organizations are made specifically to assist all engineers, including minorities in STEM, such as black engineers and women. Examples of these helpful organizations include: National Society of Black Engineers, National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Society of Women Engineers, and Phi Sigma Rho National Sorority Inc. The…

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  • Mechanical Engineering Essay

    world, it shows how the early engineers thought and how they solved the problems they were having at the time with the technology they had back then. Engineering plays a huge role in today’s society, an engineer spends countless amounts of hours studying to design construct and test many different things. There are many different types of engineers in this world, ranging from electrical engineers, to mechanical engineering and even to a nuclear engineer. An engineer uses the education they have…

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  • Electrical Engineering Vs Electrical Engineer

    within the enormous branch that people refer to as engineering. The two branches that got my attention were electrical engineer and mechanical engineer. Since this two branches deal with different aspects of engineering, I will be talking about engineering as a big branch. Therefore, Engineering has responsibilities that help the worker apply themselves and prosper at their job. Engineers have a lot of things on their plate when it comes to their job. The engineering job has a very different…

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  • The Construction Industry

    The construction industry is one of the high risk industry with more number of injuries and fatalities reported compared to other industries. The construction industry has also been performing poorly on health and safety of its employees. In New Zealand, the construction sector is the sixth largest sector which employs 180,000 people. The Construction Sector Action Plan of 2011 suggests that the construction industry in New Zealand had the highest rate of fatal injury making it almost thrice the…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In The Field Of Engineering

    mechanical engineer is quite simply someone who works on car engines and mechanics. Most people think that when you are an "Engineer" (short for mechanical engineer) that you only work on engines and repairing them, but this is not true. There are many aspects to mechanical engineering at what it brings to the table. Mechanical engineers work on the physics and science behind design of making or manufacturing of engines, also known as mechanical systems. The very first mechanical engineers were…

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  • Virtue Ethics In Electrical Engineering

    How to be a great Electrical Engineer --- Analysis on virtue ethics of Electrical Engineers With increasing demands of new technologies, engineers have an essential role in human’s life nowadays. Mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and many other types of engineers are trying their best to bring the best and safest technologies to human society. Among these varieties of engineers, electrical engineers play an important role in numerous fields. An electrical engineer has varieties of…

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  • Boring Engineers Essay

    Boring Engineers?? Engineers are stereotyped as being boring, introverted and hard to get along with. But in truth, engineers of today must be creative and able to work in teams to develop new and exciting products. Guest speaker Professor Charles Hollenbeck revealed this during a recent lecture given at Chaffey College. Professor Hollenbeck graduated from the UCLA School of engineering in 1967 as a mechanical engineer. After graduating, he worked as a development engineer in the aerospace…

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