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  • Elgin Marbles Research Paper

    and dispute the British Museum Trustees’ legal title to the sculptures. Some Greek officials believe that Lord Elgin bribed Turkish officials to obtain the marbles. The British have a different view; they believe that Lord Elgin obtained the Elgin Marbles legally through the Ottoman empire before Greece won its independence. Another belief of the British is that if the Elgin Marbles are returned it would set a disturbing precedent for major museums. In today’s society many British historians…

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  • Why Colonial America Is Important To Study

    seems to have little more knowledge like the era of the Great Depression or World War II come to mind. Part of the reason to me is that no one understand the term of Colonial America completely and think Colonial America was just all about the 13 British Colonies it was more than that the French, Dutch, Russians, and Spanish were here too. It was a time that focused on many people that were in different places seeking out the “ United States of America…

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  • Revolution In British Colonial America

    entire British government was not bright at all. King George III had to figure out how to keep peace between the Native Americans, and the settlers. He told the Native Americans to stay west of the line he “drew” down the Appalachian Mountains, and the settlers to stay to the east. Unfortunately, the settlers had already been crossing and going to the other side. Everything the British did was costly. Furthermore, they had to add more people to the British army. According to the British…

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  • Chapter Summary Of The Chapter 'The Darkest Hour'

    complete despair Washington practically begged General Lee, by writing letters, to have him join Washington and his troops, but Lee declined his offer several times mostly due to Joseph Reed’s critical letters about Washington's ability to defeat the British. Washington then attempted to strengthen his military by asking the governors to send him militias but his offer was refused. Meanwhile, General Howe and General Clinton continuously debated…

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  • The Continental Army In Patrick Paine's The Crisis

    Currently it is in the middle of the American Revolution and the Continental Army have suffered loss after loss. George Washington and his men are fighting at Saratoga and is the lowest part of war for them, but George then decided to have Patrick Paine’s “The Crisis” read out loud to his men constantly. It is the Pathos statements in Paine’s writing that motivates the Continental Army to keep fighting and win one of the first major battles of the war and this then lead to the aid of the French…

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  • The Proclamation Of 1763

    the French and Indian War. This particular war was fought between Britain and France when disputes arose over French expansion into the Ohio River Valley in 1756; at the end of the war, the British received territories from France and Spain that therefore launched their expansion westward. Clearly, the British wanted to control westward expansion, and so they wrote what became known as the Proclamation of 1763. The Proclamation of 1763 largely favored Britain’s aspirations; its purpose was to…

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  • How Did The American Revolution Start

    few reasons why it started and one of the main reasons was the 7 Years War, as known as The French Indian War from 1754-1763. George Washington who was loyal to the British defeated the French as they started having conflicts because of the French’s expansion towards the Ohio river. Within the war, Canada was also allies with the British. In 1763, a peace treaty named ‘Peace of Paris’ was signed in Paris, officially ending French power in North America. The Great Awakening started from the…

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  • Causes Of Imperialism In Hawaii

    When Western presence commenced to escalate in Hawaii, it would ultimately lead to the collapse of its monarchy and annexation to the U.S. Its downfall most likely initiated when growing amounts of Western Christian missionaries began to populate the islands of Hawaii’s. This was mostly caused by the U.S.’s slow expansion into the Pacific and Latin America. The initial purpose of these missionaries was to spread the Christian faith, which they succeeded in. However, they would provide the…

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  • Why Is The American Revolution Inevitable

    The American Revolution was inevitable because it was caused by various events that Great Britain forced upon the new thirteen colonies. The Civil war was also inevitable because the north and south wanted the nation run under different government and state rules. The difference between a Civil war and a revolution is that a Civil war is a war between states with in a country. A revolution is a profound change in society and the social structure, especially when made suddenly and is followed by…

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  • Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny

    representation is tyranny!!” The original phrase was “No taxation without representation”. James Otis, lawyer in colonial Mass. , thought that the phrase was not quite right, therefore changed it to “Taxation without representation is tyranny!” The British parliament decided to tax sugar in the colonies in the sugar act. James Otis ,with other colonists, did not agree with the sugar act and started protesting against it. The stamp act had come up partially directly after “Taxation without…

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