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  • Theme Of Slavery In Equiano's Oroonoko

    Since its beginning, the Atlantic slave trade grew and evolved into such massive scale that influenced all the nations and states around Atlantic and the lives of millions of people. Oroonoko and Interesting Narratives show just a part of it, but on two different centuries, 17th and 18th century respectively. In Oroonoko, the author shows us the atrocities of slavery throughout the tragic hero Oroonoko who tries to find his way to freedom but ends up killing himself to escape from it. On the…

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  • Industrialization And Imperialism In The Late 19th Century

    Two 19th century global trends–industrialization and imperialism–were driven by the nations of Europe, but influenced every corner of the Earth. Industrialization, or the transformation of an economy from being agriculturally based to being based on manufactured goods, created a higher sense of nationalism within Europe. Nationalism was taken a step further in the late 1800’s with imperialism, or the direct controlling of other countries for political and economic benefits. By increasing…

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  • Similarities Between Hannibal And Mao Zedong

    Hannibal’s journey and Mao Zedong’s journey are having similar and different keys of their story in several ways. First, leader of both journeys whose is Hannibal and Mao Zedong. Both of them had a vastly ambitious and strong determination to achieve their goal. For example, Hannibal made a decision to take a long journey from Spain to Italy in order to make a surprise attack. In the same way, Mao Zedong started his fight against the Nationalist Government and set the long journey from the south…

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  • Essay On Freedom In America

    sitting in the front bus, etc. This comes to show that the Declaration of Independence did not promise what it was told to do. However, it did claim freedom for the whites through America. On the other hand, Jefferson also made comments of how the British treated them badly. One of his most profound reasoning was when Jefferson said that King George “took away their charters and altering fundamentally the forms of our government.” For example, “when the Tea Act of 1773 passed and the Bostonian…

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  • American Identity Evolution

    New York was a Dutch colony that was located in a geographically advantageous area for trade and shipbuilding. However, the Virginia colony was initially a joint-stock company with self-government, and was later made a royal British colony. The fertile soil of Virginia made it well suited for agriculture, and it eventually became a leading exporter of the tobacco cash crop. Although, these two colonies were established with similar motives, they greatly differed from each other…

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  • 1763 American Independence 1763 Analysis

    as well as other future acts that were passed, created a colonial displeasure toward the British. The Sugar Act placed taxes on sugar, molasses, and other imports. Unlike other…

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  • King James Thesis

    Citations Frankie Sabia Proven Statement There is much which suggests that King James wasn’t the ungodly man that modern critics criticize him to be. In other terms he appears to be unjustly accused. Not many accusations were pointed at King James the 1st until after his death.…

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  • American Revolution Inevitable Essay

    Colonies and England was irreconcilable because of after the Seven Years of War the British inherited a heavy debt and they look for the colonies to help pay their debt. In our reading, we learned that England expected aid from the colonies and the Native Americans. The loyalist were the people still dependent upon British government such as Anglican clergymen, royal office holders and professional ties to the British government (Reich, 2011, p. 279). Even though, the American colonies had…

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  • Shay Rebellion And Whiskey Rebellion

    Settlers in the American backcountry often protested to express the grievances with the Federal Government and the regulations and policies they set in place. Taxes of goods and crops were the root for the Whiskey and Shay Rebellions. The Shay Rebellion raised awareness for the need of s a stronger central government. Referring to the Shay Rebellion, historian Leonard L. Richards quotes, "fundamentally altering the course of U.S. history." Farmers in Massachusetts in 1786 were fed up with the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Shay's Rebellion

    Eric Foner’s (2010) “Founding a Nation, 1783-1791,” describes the events that led to the formation of a strong central government and the creation of the US Constitution in 1787. Shay’s Rebellion brought out the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, which gave the federal government very limited powers when it came to raising funds to provide for the general defense of the states. Under the Articles of Confederation, the federal government did not have the ability to raise funds for the…

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