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  • Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle'

    Upton Sinclair, author of The Jungle, was a realist writer born in 1878. He endured many hardships in his life, which led to him becoming a complex person. He based many of his characters off of himself. This caused his works to be filled with complex characters as well as critical views of the capitalist American society. These traits of realism are prominent in Sinclair’s writing and life. Upton Sinclair suffered through an unstable childhood as well as independence at an early age,…

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  • Cask Of Amontillado Essay

    In The cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe vengeance is served viciously. Two Friends, Montresor and Fortunato destiny is determined in two ways only, revenge and murder. In the story Poe uses a feeling of betrayal to build a mysterious and seductive character before ascending to his remarkable strategy to a state of suspense. In fact, throughout the story, the reader slowly realizes that Montresor is an unreliable narrator; that whatever insult Montresor believes Fortunato committed is…

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  • A Poison Tree And The Cask Of Amontillado Analysis

    and conflicts. In the poem by Blake, the speaker of the poem is angry with its “Foe” but the foe doesn’t know of the feelings of the speaker. In the short story by Poe the main character Montresor was furious with Fortunato, the other main character, for reasons that Fortunato is not aware of and same with the reader. The poem and short story are similar because along with the character conflict, the reader isn’t aware of the reasons for the anger of both the speaker of the poem and of the main…

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  • Summary Of For A Dead Lady, By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    One of his very infamous poems, “For a Dead Lady,” is said to be a eulogy to his mother in honor and remembrance of her (Joyner). It is very evident that death is the theme of the poem, and Robinson incorporated this dark theme into his poetry to demonstrate his feelings of loneliness and sorrow. He engages the readers by incorporating death in the chilling lines, “The breast where roses could not live/ Has done with rising and falling” (15-16). Throughout the poem, Robinson described what the…

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  • The Lottery And The Hobbyist Analysis

    Stories are made up of different literary elements such as the setting, plot, conflicts, and the overall theme of the story itself. Stories such as The Lottery and The Hobbyist showed such elements, which is why I picked those stories to show their differences. The Hobbyist by Fredric Brown is about a man named Mr. Sangstrom wanting to kill his wife, and asking a man called the druggist to help him by poisoning her. The situation quickly shifts for the worse as Mr. Sangstrom was tricked and…

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  • The Aestheticism In The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde is often regarded as the most notorious writers of the Victorian-era and one of the most famous writers of all time through his controversial works. His writing has inspired and influenced many through his commentary on his society and the shallow nature of people, while also being considered a martyr for the homosexual movement. His most notorious work, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is often regarded as a reflection of his life, homosexuality, and his religious upbringing. Wilde used…

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  • Theme Of Jabberwocky

    of his time, and his poems and books amazed the people of the 1800s. However, many things happened before Carroll became successful. Strange relationships with young girls and thoughts of “sin and guilt” surrounded Carroll’s reputation and his mind. Even his meeting with Alice Liddell (better known as the star in her book Alice in Wonderland) caused several whispers among critics and other writers. After making several relationships with small children, Lewis Carroll wrote poems using literary…

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  • How Does Fortunato Symbolize In The Cask Of Amontillado

    Simple claim: This short story is about a man named, Montresor, which claims had been insulted by his acquaintance, Fortunato, and he seeks for revenge. This passage is when Montresor encounters Fortunato during the carnival. Fortunato is very drunk and is dressed like carnival buffoon. Montresor uses this opportunity to fool Fortunato and starts his revenge. “The Cask of Amontillado” is a story of vengeance, madness, and murder. Montresor, who is the vile narrator, tells us his profound hate…

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  • Tragedy In A Late Walk By Robert Frost

    a great deal of well-known poets that lived a very tragic life. There is a great deal of depth in many people’s poems. I personally believe however that one person in particular has suffered through tragedy throughout his life, and his poems are fun to read and decipher the true complex meaning behind the words. Robert Frost is an early twentieth century American poet, who in the poem, “A Late Walk,” wrote about complex social and philosophical themes set in rural life in New England. Robert…

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  • The Pit And The Pendulum Analysis

    “The Pit and the Pendulum” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” the story of life and death. The narrator is sentenced to death during the inquisition, waiting for his execution he is trapped in a dark dungeon. The narrator believes he is going to die in this dungeon which is unusual because executions are usually public. In this dungeon is a small pit in the center and a pendulum swinging from the ceiling slowly descending to kill the narrator. The pendulum retracted into the ceiling and the narrator…

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