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  • Identity In Ovid's Metamorphosis

    The body is a form of art that extrapolates ones identity. It is through the identity of the body, that the society dictates the treatment of individuals. Ovid declares in his opening statement of the Metamorphoses, “to tell of bodies changed into new forms.” The body is consistently changing or shape-shifting, like the Greek characters, thus changing ones identity. And with the change of identity come the change of treatment of the self. Ovid’s proposition in his Metamorphoses, In the Flesh by…

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  • Should Animal Testing Be Abolished

    consumption. One reason animal testing should be removed is that animals and humans are different in anatomy and in the way the body functions. Humans have a profoundly complex…

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  • Tattoo Informative Essay

    What is a tattoo? A tattoo is a form of body modification, where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. The word tattoo, or tattow in the 18th century, is a loanword from the Polynesian word tatau, meaning "to write". Another meaning is from Tahitian word tatau which means ‘to mark something’. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the etymology of tattoo as "In 18th c. tattaow, tattow. What…

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  • Cold Pressor Test

    Obesity is the major problem in young adults. They are more prone to develop hypertension. Cold pressor test (CPT) is autonomic function test which produces acute stress. Alternate nostril breathing exercise may be helpful in reducing the elevated sympathetic activity in obese and may be helpful in coping up the stress in obese subjects. Objectives- Aim of the study was to find out the effect of alternate nostril breathing on acute stress induced changes in cardiovascular parameters in obese…

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  • Dojo Essay

    The object of this field study was to observe and recognize new and unfamiliar body language in a familiar environment. The environment I chose was the dojo where I train in martial arts, Takai Mine Taekwondo. I am at the dojo probably 3-5 days each week for a few hours at a time. I characteristically follow a routine/informal ritual each and every time I enter the dojo. For the purpose of this field study I will be observing everyone else while following this informal ritual. My normal…

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  • The Morality Of Tattoos

    something of value – a dead or living person and religious views, or to express individuality. A lot of people tend to believe that this type of body modification will distinguish them from the crowd. However, using your face and neck to do that is not only judged by society but it…

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  • The Five Types Of Non-Verbal Communication

    to what you need and leave. This kind of facial expressions and tone of voice are examples of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is communication without words which involves your body movements such as gesture, posture, facial expressions, eye contact and many others. The study of this body movements or behavior is called kinesics. There are five types of kinesics : emblems, illustrators, regulators, adaptors and affect displays. For…

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  • Touch In Nonverbal Communication

    captures more feelings of a conversation then actual words"(Seiler, Beall, Mazer 2005, p. 115). It has so many different meanings, from looking, touching, and moving with your body. Body language Is what some people capture from having a certain conversation. Too be honest, I wouldn’t trust any word from someone without body language. Touch is also important, and what I think is the most important. Trying to get someone to read you through your touch. Some people might consider that to be a…

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  • Psychedelic Film Analysis

    A Glimpse into Psychedelic Films and their Development from 1961-2011 Runtime (48:42) Laura Bluhm Psychedelic films are most widely known for consisting of a series of images in which take on form of each other and provide a distorted reality for the viewer. One of the many intentions of a psychedelic film is to emphasize on the imagery, which is put together as a sequence to disrupt the viewer 's understanding of a normal reality. The films used in this screening focus on and uses surrealism…

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  • Essay On The History Of Tattoos

    Coca Cola (2015) did an experiment/ advertisement called, Remove labels this Ramadan, where six people sat in a pitch black room and engaged in conversation. They each went around the table and described something unique about themselves. One man said he is in a heavy metal band, the group then described what they envisioned him to look like, describing him to have long hair and possible piercings. Another man said he enjoyed reading and studying, particularly cognitive psychology and also…

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