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  • Origin Of Reggae Music

    For some people it could be a style of music that deals with social and racial issues, for some it could simply be a reawakened form of African music. Reggae music has a very interesting history; no other third world country has evolved in such a way as Jamaica, both as a country and from a musical stand point. The development of Reggae music is reflected upon the struggle against racial oppressions, which has origins in the deportation of many Africans as slaves to the British colony of Jamaica…

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  • A Christmas Carol Analysis

    A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol is about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge. All he cares about is himself, money, and personal gain. By the end of the story he happy, he was also generous and cared about other people not just himself. In the beginning before this all started Scrooge was mean and cold hearted. He didn't care about anyone else except himself. Scrooge lives in a dark and gloomy house, it is dark and gloomy because he doesn’t pay for electric. When The Portly men asked Scrooge for…

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  • Life As A Narrative Analysis

    A “narrative” is defined as being a “written or spoken account of connected events” (“Narrative”). Narratives can take many forms. For instance, in english class many of the short stories we read are narratives. However, a movie, a television show or a song, could also be a narrative. Even our lives can be considered our own personal narratives in which we are the writer, the main character and often times the reader. “Life as a Narrative” demonstrates how certain events, both minor and major,…

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  • Child Labor In A Christmas Carol

    Charles Dickens is about Christmas when it was originally written to prevent child labor. The novella tells the story of a wealthy and greedy man named Ebenezer Scrooge. He is not the nicest gentleman and he is mean to his poor servant whose name is Bob Cratchit. This book teaches us that money does not always make us happy. This message can still apply to us today. around the time that ACC was written, children did a lot of work in the mines and they supported their families. Some of them did…

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  • Themes In Shawshank Redemption

    Vinoth Loganathan Mark 3.9 Frank Darabont – Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile Anne Bradstreet once said “Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge, fitter to bruise than polish.” Frank Darabont effectuates this simple principal in his work. He successfully illustrates and imparts this comprehension into the mind of his viewers making his impact in the world. It can be drawn that this principle is close to his heart as it is craftily presented in most of his works. Frank…

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  • The Death Of Scrooge In Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

    Jacob Marley, The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, and The Ghost of Christmas Future. But other characters can also be found such as Fred, Scrooge’s nephew; Fezziwig, who was Scrooge’s mentor; Belle, a woman who Scrooge loved; Bob Cratchit; Scrooge’s clerk, and others. The story begins by stating Marley’s death. Repeatedly. But this does not stop Scrooge, Marley’s only friend and main character of this story, from working. It is even said that that very day he sealed a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay 'My Live Aid'

    My Live Aid At my Live Aid I would have One Direction (with Zayn Malik), Zayn Malik, 5 seconds of summer, Ed Sheeran, All Time Low, Green Day, blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump, My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, Tonight Alive, Taylor Swift, Halsey, Little Mix, Panic! At the Disco, Hozier, Good Charlotte, Twenty One Pilots, Sex Pistols, Ramones and my own band Verge of Chaos performing. I picked these artists because all of them are my favourite bands and artists. They are my favourite…

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  • Compare And Contrast Pirate Radio And Love Actually

    The films Love Actually (2003) and Pirate Radio (2009) are both directed by Richard Curtis. Although both films are directed by Curtis, there are many differences between the two films that distinguish themselves from one another, such as directional style, the time period, and the plot. Love Actually follows the lives of eight couples during Christmastime in London, showing the audience that love can “actually” be found anywhere. Pirate Radio concentrates on a group of rock-n-roll DJs who defy…

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  • Causes Of Overdevelopment In Naples

    The Naples Problem: Overdevelopment and how to prevent it Bulldozers, cranes, trucks, and dust are all associated with development, which is a common site that many people see in cities and nations all over the world. In Naples, Florida, however, land development has turned into overdevelopment. Now the only thing associated with development for people in Naples is empty stores, empty buildings, empty houses, and empty pockets. By taking a closer look at what overdevelopment is, how it…

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  • Societal Change In Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin

    the rising tensions in the many political movements and events of the 1960’s, such as the civil rights movement, cold war and space race, and the infamous Vietnam War, Bob Dylan wrote one of the most influential and popular songs of all time, “The Times They Are A-Changin’”. Using only his vocals, the guitar, and the harmonica, Bob Dylan shook the world with poetic and eye-opening lyrics during an uneasy time of stress and uncertainty. Broken up into 5 stanzas, the song’s lyrics deliver his…

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