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  • Truth Revealed In A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

    Have you ever watched a paranormal show that had you thinking if spirits were real and lived amongst us? Today, I will be talking about it in the book called, A Christmas Carol. When I first started reading this book, Anthony Horowitz, the introducer, explained how Charles Dickens started his career as an author. He started out stating, “The author seemed to use an awful lot of words to tell his story, and quite a lot of those words had far too many syllables for my liking. There were too many…

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  • Marks And Spencer Advertisement Analysis

    4. Advertisements from Marks and Spencer In comparison to John Lewis’ advertisements, which are based on humanitarianism, Marks and Spencer’s advertisements depict Christmas as a magical and fairytale-like season. According to Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, who is the executive director of marketing, these magical advertisements aim to represent a “moment to escape the realities of every day life” (Bousquet-Chavanne). Thus, rather than creating a sentimental advertisement that leaves a heavy…

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  • A Christmas Carol Scrooge Character Analysis

    His sensitivity for mankind stirred, he welcomes the Ghost of Christmas Present to show him another “lesson.” He is directed to the festive joy in the suburban dwelling of his clerk, Bob Cratchitt, overshadowed by Tiny Tim’s declining health, and with frightfulness he sees the pitiful youngsters, Ignorance and Want, the outgrowths of human detachment, attached to the ghost. (Wagner, 1) It also shows him that people are able to enjoy…

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  • Della And Jim's Love For Christmas

    LOVE SACRIFICES, basically what the whole story is about love between Della and Jim and to see how far will they go for each other and neither of them has enough money for a Christmas present, will Della and Jim get enough money for a Christmas present or will they enjoy Christmas with no presents? Christmas eve with only a short amount of time left until Christmas plus there poor so it’s about to be hard to find a least a good/decent Christmas present for each other which brings me to a…

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  • Theme Of Ghost In A Christmas Carol

    Most everyone knows the Christmas classic by Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” where a man named Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by ghosts, changing his life around. That is just fiction, but can you imagine what it would be like to see real Christmas ghosts? Ghost of Alcatraz Island Off the coast of San Francisco, California you’ll find Alcatraz Island which has a long and ghostly history. Ages ago Native Americans banished miscreants to this island for punishment and the story goes that they…

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  • State Band Festival Essay

    An unknown author wrote, “It’s only a failure if you don’t learn something.” State Band Festival, a big question revolving in our mind is should we go or not? Many things factor in this debate, but the pros outnumber the cons. We have to go to State Festival because it would benefit the students as a unique learning experience and the Lee High School Band is evolving. Going to State Band Festival serves a unique learning experience for the students participating in band. Going to State is not…

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  • One Love Peace Concert Analysis

    Bob devoted his life to spreading a positive message to all through Reggae Music. One of his most important concerts was The One Love Peace Concert of 1978, Marley brought on stage the Prime Minister of Jamaica Michael Manley and Edward Seaga the leader of political oppression and asked they shake hands as he was always using his music and hoping to inspire and forge bonds of love and peace between any in conflict. Bob was at one time awarded with a United Nations Medal of Peace for his efforts.…

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  • The Selfish Giant Analysis

    The Selfish Giant is a story about a process of a selfish giant becoming a generous one. The Giant had a very beautiful garden where the children like playing. After the giant expelled children rudely, only the cold winter was in his garden. Finally, he realized that is was his selfishness prevented the coming of the spring. The giant proceeded to ruin the wall of his garden and to welcome children to play in his garden. Years later, the giant died and was taken to the Heaven by the child who…

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  • Grouchy Old Men Analysis

    his selfishness when he, being a wealthy man, would not donate any of his money to charity during the holiday season. He also has no desire to be kind. Scrooge refused to buy coals to heat the fire in his office building, which lead to his worker, Bob Cratchit, working in the cold. Not only was Mr. Cratchit forced to work in the cold, he was forced to work on Christmas day. Due to Ebenezer Scrooge’s cold-hearted demeanor, his whole appearance is affected. He always walks sluggishly through the…

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  • Cover Music Analysis

    Various covers of three of the greatest hits. Since the beginning of time people from all aspects of the world have took music as a way of life. To the art form of how music was made to the beats, rhythm, and the way music makes you feel. Some of music’s greatest legends have done many cover songs, such as Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”, Guns N’ Roses – “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, and Muse’s cover of ‘Feeling Good’. While many may believe the original version of the song itself sounds better…

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