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  • Hatred In Black America

    definition. The rise of black LGBT rights has caused many people to question their own definition of love, even going to the extent of redefining it. The black community has referred to the Bible as the standard of love. That love is often translated to hate when something goes against people’s beliefs. The weight of Black America’s hatred of the Black LGBT community is actually carried by the political backing throughout the years. Black America’s basis of hatred for the Black LGBT community…

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  • Black Female Critique

    A single black female critique The play a single black female is written by Lisa B. Thompson, a theatrical professional who is based out of Austin, Texas. She is also known for her plays, A Single Black Female, One Sista’s Hair, The Mamalogues, and Underground. Thompson is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of A Single Black Female, is to make the world aware of the daily struggles a single black woman in America goes through. A few of those struggles include, not…

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  • Black Intellectual Summary

    Throughout history, there have been a number of black public intellectuals. Black Intellectuals adeptly narrate a history of important black thinkers within changing contexts of slavery, race, and modernization, but it also emphasizes a narrow understanding of black intellectualism. “The cohort of black people who call themselves black public intellectuals seem to suggest that they constitute a new social and political identity. But on a closer examination, the role is all too familiar.” (Reed…

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  • Black Feminist Analysis

    In the third chapter of her 1990 work, Black Feminist Thought, sociologist Patricia Hills Collins presents a critical response to highlight the inadequacy of both the class conflict and status attainment models in depicting the Black female experience. Specifically, she argues that these models, which have prevailed in sociological theories of stratification, are inapplicable in capturing the role of Black women in either the paid labor force or the unpaid family labor arena. Therefore, Collins…

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  • Black Women Oppression

    race and gender, black women are the most oppressed and face the most discrimination in our white male dominated society. The struggles of which black women face has been present for centuries and has only recently become a more talked about topic in general discussion. Black women have had a long history of oppression and while at least now the subject is being addressed more many women of color face oppression and discrimination, both racist and sexist, everyday. While black women face a…

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  • Tupac Black Vernacular

    Tupac Shakur & Black Vernacular CSU Chico Nicholas Pedroza There has been widespread debate on the creation and use of Ebonics, or black vernacular within the education system, it has not been inputted into the schools, but nonetheless the use of it is very popular and the reason for that are rappers. Black vernacular is widely spoken throughout the black community so when rappers rap in black vernacular and whatever they rap about the people can relate to it. Stated by Matthew Feldman,…

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  • The Black Studies Movement

    Black Studies in history have been undeniably a product of activism in education throughout the 1960 to the late 1980s. Those decades contributed to an important time in American history that has impacted the modern education of African-Americans today. During this period of time, there were studies showing various social movements that challenged the western society ideology and opened the doors for the movements to break down generations of inaccurate history that has supported the racist…

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  • Black Women Stereotypes

    Stereotypes of Black women embodies the principals of intersectionalism through the combination of race, gender, and sometimes class, creating negative, and normalizing categories. The stereotypes tend to form around the sexuality of the Black woman’s body due to the origins of stereotypes. The hyper-sexualization of the Black female body began when European colonizers discovered Africa. Due to the environment African women wore limited amounts of clothing, which is how colonizers came to see…

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  • The Plague In The Black Death

    innocent civilians by dissolving their lungs and causing their flesh to become black. It spread with deadly efficiency, killed in a matter of days, and could travel through the air. Although this may sound like a children’s horror story, this monster was a reality in Europe in the 1300s. The Black Death was a pandemic that killed just over half of Europe’s population between 1346 and 1353. Even though some argue that the Black Plague could have been a fortunate event because improved the…

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  • Black Male Image

    improve the image of the black male? What will I do to improve the image of the black male? Well , since I am a black male myself, I will do my best to improve the image of black males. But first let me tell you how African American males are badly represented. Regardless , if we believe in ourselves or not. Most people just believe the stereotype that they see on television. Black males are slandered on all forms of media. Very rarely do you see the good things that black males do.…

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