Black And Whiter People Summary

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The story of this article is effect to explain the strugglers that black people went through in order for them to live a whiter people’s life. The apparent white people believed to have better live, all means where aim to help and sustain whiter people to be successful and unlike to black forks. The author gives out a good description and explanation of how the black and whiter people where not treated the same way at some point, he also revealed most of the struggles that black people had to face to be successful, at the end the author points out that the success that black people see in the whiter house mentioning Baraka Obama and his wife as the result of what black people went through historically. It is not confident that Obama took office, …show more content…
The details in the text explain clearly how black people were treated unfairly comparing to that of whiter people, historically black people were known to be slaves and treated accordingly. Being slave meant that black people could be owned by their masters and blacks had just to do as they would be directed. Living on their own was not acceptable and black people would be at a high risk of being killed when seeking for independency. White people did no wanted blacks to move to their neighborhood because black people were slave. White people were thing that black people black were dirty and they did not know how to take care about themselves. Black people lived not independence and white people had to know what black people were doing in their life. It was very difficult to blacks to tell white people their opinions, but white people were able to do what whites wanted to do to the black people no body was stopped whites to racist social engineering. Hire was the example:( Ferguson residents protest while police seek suspects in shootings of two officers
Monday, September 29, 2014 - 00:39
As residents of Ferguson, Missouri, protest last month 's shooting death of a black teen by a white police officer, a search is on for suspects in two unrelated shootings of police officers. Nathan Frandino
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Black people went through as the positive result we have a black president in the office. No body was able to believe if black could control American. It was surprise of white people to see black color to become president even black people did not believe it. Some black people had a dream in American, lot black people wanted to leave the slave a ways to be able to rich their dream. Hire was the example of Dr. Martin Luther king: he said to the people and he did not devise the colors. Hire what Dr. Martin said:( he has A Dream.) From that time black people started believe themselves, but before black people scared white people.

Yes, the story of this article is to explain the strugglers that black people went through in order for them to live a whiter people’s life. It tell us never be afraid or embarrassed to struggle. There is absolutely no shame in working hard to get where black people want to be. We need to be the same because we had a sort life. Whites and blacks need to unit. Black people could not change what happened in past but black people could change the

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