Bituminous coal

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  • Should Hydrogen Fuel Replace Biodiesel Fuel?

    sources in our country. Transportation uses 56% of gasoline and electricity generally used 27% of natural gas in 20141. Gasoline and natural gas become less available as time goes by. Algae biodiesel can replace gasoline after 20 years. Nuclear power and coal power can provide baseload electricity; solar power and natural gas can use battery to provide the peak electricity. Algae can be produced with waste water in the photobioreactors or open ponds. Photobioreactors is a closed environment…

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  • Compare And Contrast Big Island And Oahu

    Have you ever walked through a lava tube? When we were on the Big Island, we got to walk through lava tubes. These tubes are chambers in which lava once flowed. It’s hollow because the lava cooled from the outside in which made it that way. We can’t travel through these on Oahu because we don’t have any lava tubes. All of our volcanoes are inactive. The Big island is better because of the many fun things to do. It is better than Oahu for 3 reasons, they have volcanoes, lava tubes, and…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Hydraulic Fracking

    Hydraulic Fracking is a drilling method used to extract gas beneath shale formations located deep below the Earth’s surface. It has been practiced for more than 50 years, but it was not until the last decade it became an issue due to a new method of drilling horizontally. Before the last decade, the practice was to drill vertically through shale bedrock to obtain access to oil or gas. In the last 10 to 15 years to the practice of horizontal drilling for methane became popular due to the…

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  • Pig Iron Research Paper

    (1) Basic Substance. The basic substance used to make both steel and cast iron (gray and malleable) is the metal, iron in the form of pig iron. Pig iron is produced from iron ore, which occurs chiefly in nature as an oxide, the two most important oxides being hematite and magnetite. (2) Iron Ore. Iron ore is reduced to pig iron in a blast furnace, and the impurities are removed in the form of slag (figure 2 on the following page). Raw materials charged into the furnace include iron ore, coke,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Joseph Gore Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) in the Fire Service The fire service, as we know it today, has come a long way since its beginning. It began in 24 BC in Rome. One of the first technologies used were a line of men and a few buckets of water, which were used to extinguish the fire. Another of the first technologies was an axe that was used to create holes that would allow heat and smoke to escape from the structure. Compared to the ancient times, today’s technologies have improved…

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  • Crash Box Research Paper

    The crash box is the car component that is attached at each end of a car’s bumper and its function is to absorb the energy produced during collision or impact. Chapter 1 describes briefly on crash boxes and their characteristics. As mentioned earlier in Chapter 1, crash boxes are designed with or without patterns. Each one of the designs have different energy absorbing characteristic depending on the design and its patterns, shape, size, etc. Most crash boxes are designed with several grooves…

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  • Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant Case Study

    Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant is located 20 miles southwest of Raleigh, NC. It is a 900 megawatt facility, which provided energy to 550,000 households. Enriched uranium (uranium dioxide pellets) is used as the fuel in the plant, which is 2-3% uranium 235. Cooling is necessary and the plant uses 800-2,600 gallons of water per megawatt hour. U-235 will decay into U-238, which is the primary waste product. Please see the PhET Simulations website for multiple simulations about nuclear…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Banning Fossil Fuels

    Why Fossil Fuels Should Not be Banned Envision a situation in the fossil fuel industry, however, everyone lost their jobs due to the fact that fossil fuels were banned? Debate on whether or not fossil fuels should be banned is vivid, it should not at all banned. A variety of people condone that non-renewable energy is just unmistakably unacceptable since it releases greenhouse gases that are nasty for the environment with other demerits. Nevertheless, without practical or feasible…

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  • Steam Room Benefits

    Steam rooms have been around since the days of ancient Rome, when people still worshiped and feared gods and goddesses. The fact that they stuck around as a popular activity for so many people proves that the steam room will always be a loved concept. But what are the benefits of a steam room? You have to know them in order to be sure that installing one in your own home is a good idea. Read this article and find out what the benefits of installing a steam room in your home are, and maybe you'll…

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  • Nok Tribe Essay

    The Nok people were advanced because of their iron smelting skills,sculptures,and their judicial system, but their strange disappearance has caused historians to be left unsure. The Nok people discovered a way to smelt iron, this allowed them to have the strongest tools during this time period. They also created sculptures made out of a material called Terracotta, this details their culture. The Nok people had a modern judicial system with several courthouses. In about 200 A.D.The Nok people…

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