Bituminous coal

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  • Persuasive Speech On Nuclear Power Plant

    Today I am going to talk about the topic of nuclear power. A local Nuclear Power Plant has come up with the idea to build a power plant in the town of Enola, PA. As the governor of Harrisburg, I am persuaded you to allow this to happen. There are three reasons you should allow this to happen. One reason is that it doesn’t cause pollution. Another reason is that it would produce more energy for the state. The last reason is that the operating cost is low. These are some reasons that you should…

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  • Pros And Cons Of TMI

    cons. In my opinion, keeping TMI would be a good idea because of the amount of energy it can produce. If they closed TMI then a lot of people would lose their jobs. TMI produces emission free energy unlike coal or other fuels. If TMI closes, then Pennsylvania's main source of energy would be coal or propane which is very bad for the air. Nuclear power has many positives to using them over any other type of power. An example of this is a reliable energy source because it can operate 24/7 for…

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  • Ely Copper Mine Case Study

    Statement of Problem The Ely Copper Mine was declared a superfund site in 2001. Mining activity occurred from 1821 to 1920 Ore body discovered in 1813 Location The Ely Copper Mine is located in East Central Vermont in the rural town of Vershire, Orange County. The site is part of a region referred to as the Vermont Copper Belt, or the Orange Country copper district. Over 30 miles long, the belt runs in a NNE–SSW direction. The Ely Mine is one of three major mine sites in the region. It…

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  • Analysis Of The Firefighter's Turnout Jacket

    This paper will examine the Firefighter’s Turnout Jacket and what it does to protect the Firefighter. The Turnout Coat is a very interesting piece of equipment, as it has changed throughout history. It is used by every Firefighter around the world, either Volunteer or paid. Also the many materials that are put into such a unique piece of clothing. The everyday Firefighter has in one shape or another type of personal protective jacket that protects them from the very toxic and chemical debris…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Storing Nuclear Waste

    I believe that storing nuclear waste is a good idea because there is many reasons why. I am going to explain these reasons. There is many pros about storing nuclear waste in Hanford, Washington, which is where I chose is best to store nuclear waste in. I think we should store nuclear waste in Hanford, Washington. I believe that Hanford, Washington is best because there isn’t a lot of rain there. The is only about 8 inches per a year so that is good because if there is a lot of rain the rain will…

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  • Union Fire Company Fire Research Paper

    In 1736 the first real volunteer department known as the union fire company was started in Philadelphia by Ben Franklin. The Union fire company was made up of all volunteers that would make a line from the closet water source and pass the buckets to the fire. There were many other fire brigades that were clubs or co-ops which only intended to fight each other’s fires that were in the group. Ben Franklin’s concept was to help everyone and their property from burning. During their spare time they…

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  • Hydraulic Fracturing Pros And Cons

    For many years man have used hydraulic fracturing in order to stimulate the flow of natural resources in the earth's crust to process them into a useable supply for our everyday needs. The United States is currently known as the number one leading nation with the most natural gas resources due to hydraulic fracturing being a native technology. Although the thought behind this activity was to further our lives, this drilling practice has raised some questions among society with its potential…

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  • Book Of Ruth Vs Baz Asleep

    I believe that long time ago a flood affected the Earth and killed many people. I believe this because evidence from this event has been found, archaeologists have found bones from children in the Yellow River Valley. The children are believed to have been trapped by a large flood during the 2000 B.C. The plot line form the “Book of Ruth” and the “Boaz Asleep” are very different because the first one is a story and the second one is a poem. I think that the setting of the “Book of Ruth” is…

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  • Frracking: The Benefits And Cons Of Fracking

    Ever since the industrial revolution, the world has been involved in a constant struggle. This everlasting debate between economic growth and environmental protection has come to light once again with the expansion of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. While fracking was first used in the 1940s, it has not been widespread until recently when it was joined with horizontal drilling (Hoffman, n.d., para. 1). It is a process used to acquire natural gas previously inaccessible with more…

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  • Renewable Energy Essay

    was once green and full of nature. In a few centuries, technology and human development swiftly influenced our dependence on fossil fuels. Massive consumption of oil, coal, and gas drastically transformed our settlements into powerhouses for further progression. We now have electricity for lighting, gasoline for transportation, and coal for power sources. However, fossil fuels are being consumed at a rate faster than we can recover. The only possible key is to achieve a more balanced energy mix…

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