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  • The Berlin Blockade

    A blockade was a Soviet attempt to limit the influence of the West within their territories. The Berlin blockade was the first official main clash of the Cold War but it was not the first issue that the Communist State had with the West. Berlin was a dispute that steadily deteriorated relations between the two sides. Spring of 1946 Winston Churchill gave the Iron Curtain speech noting Soviets hostility toward the United…

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  • Irving Berlin Influence

    as Irving Berlin. Modern composers experimented with new and unusual harmonies. They developed an entirely new system of melody and harmony that was known as surrealism. Modernism branched off from well versed and organized music full of boundaries to an extremely random style of music that had no rules and limitless potential. Modern music randomly picked musical materials and joined them all in a stream of conscious much like a cluster of thoughts, with no organization.…

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  • Causes Of The Berlin Blockade

    Is it true that the Cold War began after the Berlin blockade crisis of 1948? The Cold War was described by George Orwell as “a peace that is no peace”. The lack of actual armed conflict combined with the undulating political and military tensions make identifying the start of the cold war problematic. The Berlin blockade crisis of 1948 played a large role in the onset of the Cold War, and yet several earlier episodes suggest that the tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union had…

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  • Essay On The Berlin Wall

    Built by the communist government of East Berlin in 1961, the Berlin wall also known as the ‘Iron Curtain’, separated the soviet controlled communist East from the democratic West. The wall symbolised the differences between the western democrats and the eastern communist and the ways in which they believed their countries should be led. This period in time demonstrated the tensions of different ideologies between the separate systems of governments of the time; how they worked and the peoples…

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  • Essay On Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift: The Last Hope This is not about luxury and peace, it is about the starving and conflict in Berlin after World War 1. Berlin Airlift is what helped Germany in its time of need giving the us its excellent culture. After World War One, the Russian Soviets pushed back the Germans to Berlin where the Germans were holding up at to keep them at bay. Supplies were scarce in Berlin for the Germans; about 2.5 million people were starving and the allies had to do something about it. They…

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  • Fall Of The Berlin Wall

    The fall of the Berlin Wall, which took place on November 9, 1989, was a domino for the revolutions that took place during 1989 in Eastern Europe. Moreover, this particular event was crucial to the sudden changes that unfolded in the Soviet Union, both in terms in domestic issues and international relations with the West. The fall of the Berlin Wall and its repercussions prompted three major changes for the Soviet Union: a separation in interests between the Soviet Union and the Russian…

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  • The Berlin Crisis Analysis

    of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union’s Red Army, located 40 miles outside of Berlin, Germany, have vowed to subdue any territory they have obtained following the coda of the Second World War, producing communist control in said territories. As the Soviets located in Berlin march closer to the American Army, I, Dwight Eisenhower, must carefully scrutinize my plans regarding a possible attack upon the Soviets in Berlin, and how this may…

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  • Berlin Airlift Analysis

    The Candy Bomber The Berlin Airlift is remembered as a Symbol of American resolve…(Tine 39) General Lucius D. Clay said, “There is no practicability in maintaining our position in Berlin and it must not be evaluated on that basis… We are convinced that our remaining in Berlin is essential to our prestige in Germany and in Europe. Whether for good or bad, it has become a symbol of American intent.” In Post-World War II Berlin, Germany’s capital, was divided into four sections. Those sections…

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  • The Berlin Wall Analysis

    It was 1967 when they became sweethearts, during the darkest times in Berlin. The East- West differences between Berlin hardened into a “Cold War,” so did the division of the city into East and West Berlin (Taylor). The German Democratic Republic had built “The Berlin Wall”. They believed that the West Berlin was threatening their way of life since Easterners were immigrating to the West because their jobs paid better or the people were defecting from communist rule (CNN). West Germany was not…

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  • Analysis Of Stasiland By Anna Funder

    Anna Funder’s literary journalist text Stasiland explores the lingering impact that the former German Democratic Republic had upon its citizens. Through investigating the struggles faced by individuals in rebuilding their lives within unified Germany, Funder acknowledges that the horrors of the GDR are still controlling those who once lived under its communist regime. Through the victims Funder interviews, she identifies that as East Germany is rebuilt, so too are its people, as they attempt to…

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