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  • An Analysis Of Good Bye, Lenin?

    Carole D. ZEBAZE/ CPO 3055 “Good Bye, Lenin!” centers around one of the major events of the twentieth century: The fall of the Berlin Wall which marked the end of the Cold War and hastened the downfall of communism in Eastern Europe. The year is 1990. Forty years of the German Democratic Republic have inevitably come to an end. Capitalist West Germany and socialist East Germany have been reunified. Our setting is the post-socialist East Germany. “The winds of change blew on the ruins of our…

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  • Why Was Ronald Reagan Important

    THE IMPORTANCE OF RONALD REGAN Ronald Regan is important because he helped restore optimism in America, grow the economy, and brought an end to the cold war. As the nation’s 40th president, Ronald Reagan was an infectiously optimistic. He gave hope with his optimistic personality at a time where people were afraid of a nuclear war braking out. He even showed optimism and hope when he told the country he had Alzheimer's "When the Lord calls me home, whenever that may be," he said, "I will…

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  • Tin Pan Alley Case Study

    1350-01 1. How did the wave of Immigrants coming into New York influence the kind of entertainment being created? In the beginning of the 19th century there were many forms of entertainment that were created from all the different ethnic groups that flowed through New York. All of the different ethnic neighborhoods that housed the immigrants had their own special form of entertainment, whether it was watching a musician play at a pub, or on the street. As the different ethnic groups began to mix…

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  • Berlin Airlift Research Paper

    The Berlin Airlift was a very important point in history. People were still shaken up from World War II and many countries, especially Germany, were hit hard. Even though the Soviets believed that they had control over the destiny of West Berlin, the Berlin Airlift was an example of the determination of western nations to not give in to the threats of communism and oppression. Many lives were saved through this act of heroism. The Berlin Airlift is a time in history that will always ring in the…

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  • Berlin Wall Counterculture Analysis

    The entire world was almost destroyed during the Cuban Missile Crisis as the U.S. and Soviet Union were mere inches away from a nuclear war. Many people lived in fear all over the world as families were separated by the Berlin Wall, men as young as 18 drafted into combat, and the advancement of nuclear weapons. The Cold War was a very significant portion of both American and World History. Lasting nearly 47 years, 1945-1991, this competition for world dominance by the Democratic United States (U…

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  • Why The Berlin Wall Failed

    many political, economic, and social factors. The Berlin Wall started as a barbed wire fence and grew into a 12 foot high concrete wall. Wall became a symbol of communist tyranny. For 4 weeks people came to the Berlin wall with Sledge hammers and chipped off pieces as souvenirs. The first section of the Berlin Wall was removed on the 12th of June. The wall was officially dismantled on the 13th. The Soviet system was in crisis. “The fall of the Berlin Wall foreshadowed the demise of the…

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  • Checkpoint Charlie Research Paper

    On October 27, 1961, the world saw images of US tanks and Soviet tanks pointed at each other across the Berlin wall checkpoint known as Checkpoint Charlie. These images had the world holding its breath, wondering if a war was to begin. Unfortunately, the tensions between East Berlin and West Berlin had been building for years until finally it was forced to come to a head. The confrontation at Checkpoint Charlie was unavoidable because the Soviets had been trying to push the Allies out of Germany…

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  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Speech: Ich Bin Ein Berliner

    during his speech in Rathaus Schӧneberg the city hall of West Berlin would shape history. Those words that would later name the speech, may have prevented the Soviet Union from becoming stronger and maybe start a war that would have killed millions of people, those words have encouraged the West Berliners to keep fighting for freedom. The speech was made three years after the construction of the Berlin Wall, the wall separated West Berlin and West Berliners from the Western society: the free…

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  • Bridge Of Spies Movie Analysis

    Name: Seyede Yasamin Surname: Hashemi Student number: 138489 Course code: PSIR421 Movie: Bridge of spies The movie bridge of spies which is based on a true story is in the period of cold war, and about espionage. Using spies and spying on the opposite country became part of the Cold War game. Both sides used spies to aid finding out of what the other was doing faster and easier. It was an extremely dangerous job and many of the spies knew the high risk of betrayal or making an error is…

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  • Source Analysis: The Berlin Wall

    Source Analysis Part 2 The Berlin Wall was not only a physical barrier between East and West Germany, it was also symbolic of the division between 2 worlds with conflicting ideologies. To what extent do you agree with this statement? This statement is true to a large extent. This is evident in the way that after the Second World War, the USSR and the Western Powers cut all ties, and the Iron Curtain was formed; in the way that unhappiness was evident in communist countries throughout the world…

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