Berlin Wall Essay

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The Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall stood for nearly 30 years, surrounding the city of Berlin, Germany. It represented a symbol of the Cold War, which was a period of tautness between some of the most powerful countries in the world. Construction of the Berlin Wall started on August 13, 1961, and it was demolished a few weeks after November 9, 1989 ("Berlin Wall." New World). The original wall was made of cinder blocks and barbed wire. It was wrong to build the Berlin Wall, a wall that separated East and West Berlin; it tore apart the two sides and created conflict as it failed to function as a political barrier between the communist and capitalist sides.
Germany became a divided country in 1945, which was an effect of their loss in World War
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2.5 million East Germans fled from East to West Germany between 1949 and 1961. The loss of skilled workers in East Germany posed a threat to the economic viability. In response to the threats, the East Germans built a barrier that would deny their people access to the West side ("Berlin Wall." Britannica). The Berlin Wall was built to try and stop the drain of labor and economic output, which posed a threat for economic and political consequences for the Communist side of East Berlin ("Berlin Wall." New World). Immigration to the West became a safe haven for many East Berliners. The West was where many East Berliners would work and travel to, so that they could enjoy a higher standard of life (Tulloch, David). East Berliners took advantage of being able to immigrate until 1961, when the wall went up. The Berlin wall became the solution to stop people from immigrating ("Berlin Wall." Britannica). The wall was in fact able to help decrease immigration from 2.5 million to 5,000 ("Berlin Wall." New World). Although the wall did stop much immigration, it led on to create more problems between the people and their society. The East Germans wanting out and away from the unfair treatment became a direct cause to the creation of the …show more content…
Because of the wall, families were split, East Berliners were cut off from improvement, and West Berliners became isolated. West Berliners were against the wall ("Berlin Wall." New World). As for the East side, problems socially and economically became worse. Eventually, the East Berliners protested (Shahid, Sharon). East Berliners were totally against the wall as well, as it hurt their life almost even more than the harsh treatment by the Soviets. Just imagine being separated from your family or loved ones for thirty years because that is what happened to

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