Benito Mussolini

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  • The Children Are Watching Us Film Analysis

    cinema at the time. The same could be said about almost anything that was part of Italian culture at the time, the fascist state establishing its totalitarian hold. Women in fascist Italy were arguably the demographic most affected by the new order Mussolini was hoping to create. However, much like the films produced in Italy, women were never openly persecuted, repressed or censored in a conspicuous way. Instead they were pressured by national legislation and incentives to behave how they saw…

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  • Archetype In The Great Dictator Speech

    THE POWER OF WORDS HOW A TYRANT INSPIRES HOPE AND ENLIGHTENMENT Using the archetype “Power of Words” a famous speech was delivers on the stage by one of the greatest pioneers of the film industry Mr. Charlie Chaplin. “The Great Dictator’s Speech” was a mythical moment in the history of film for two reasons. The first being, this was the moment the most beloved and famous tramp of all, became a dictator. The second was, the words spoken by this tyrant were to become timeless words of hope and…

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  • Why Did Benito Mussolini Rise To Power?

    territorial circumstance after World War One precipitated Benito Mussolini’s rise to power. Overall, the weak Liberal government faced great political, social and economic problems after the Great War, even though they were one of the victor countries. In immediate post war chaos, the economy collapsed, and nationalism rose. As an underdeveloped nation going into the war, Italy’s lack of…

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  • Dolce And Gabbana Essay

    History of Dolce & Gabbana Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are two Italian born artist that begin the Dolce & Gabbana empire we know today. Through groundbreaking achievements and outwardly approach to the taboos of society, these two men established what sex, glam and fashion had in common, the people. In the early 1980s two colleagues turned partners created a brand that represented their lifestyles while including and rooting for the outcasts of society. The two men worked with one…

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  • Hitler And Mussolini Cults

    This leads to the question, how did the tactics of control in fascist dictatorships compare to the tactics of control in cults? The fascist governments under Mussolini and Hitler were in place to control the people along with the leadership of cults such as, The People’s Temple Cult. The structure of fascist governments…

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  • Hegemony Aspects In Antonio Gramsci's Rebellion Song Lyric

    Hegemony Aspects in Rebellion Song Lyric Hegemony is the term that Antonio Gramsci, an Italian who was known as a leading Marxist thinker, used to denote one social party or individual’s predominance over others. This term is not used only for political or economic subject but also any case when the dominant party shows the ability to make the subordinate party sees the view as the dominant party sees it. In the music industry, especially in the contemporary popular music industry, it is…

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  • Elite Theory Of Fascism

    Elite theories have often been associated with fascism. In particular, elite theorists such as Pareto and Michels had undeniable ties with the Italian Fascist party and the latter even supported Mussolini. One of the strongest arguments for this association is that elite theories are usually deemed to be anti-socialist and anti-democratic. By rejecting both Marxism and the democratic system, elite theories seem to be advocating for new forms of power, which fascism can easily be seen as the…

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  • The Bicycle Thieves Film Analysis

    Italian neorealism also known as the Golden Age of Italian Cinema, is a national film movement that helped shaped the 1948 Vittorio De Sica’s film The Bicycle Thieves. Familiar to Italian neorealism, they story follows Antonio a character amongst the poor and the working class. Neorealism is a strong aspect to the film because of the use of being filmed on location and often using nonprofessional actors that are going through post World War II tough economic and moral conditions. The conditions…

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  • Fascism Disadvantages

    more significant role than material properties. Even though the ideology of fascism might appear reasonable, the political movement managed to attain its power with only the use of violence and terror of masses and not of individuals. Precisely, Mussolini has also used terrorist assassins as a mean of spreading terror. According to believers of the fascist movement, mass violence translated to domination of the street (Laqueur, 1996). Under Mussolini’s leadership the case had been that…

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  • Lenin Biography Essay

    Lenin (Russia) 1917-1924 Lenin was born on April 22, 1870, in Simbirsk, Russia. He was the third of six children. His parent were well educated, and he also attended high school. During the high school, he showed a particular gift of Latin and Greek. When he was a boy, his father was threatened with early retirement by a suspicious government nervous about the influence public school had on Russian society. In 1887, his big brother, Aleksandr, was arrested and executed for being a part of a…

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