Arthur Ashe Courage Award

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  • Muhammad Ali Research Papers

    com). Despite being held back by the Government Ali still pushed forward and just kept on winning. After Ali retired from boxing he was elected for The Boxing Hall Of Fame ( Ali’s amazing boxing career was given the living legend award ( Then the U.S. Government apologized for banning Ali from some matches and taking away his championship. Overall, Ali influenced younger people than him by showing to never give up and push forward and to get past everything that…

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  • Transgender Film Analysis

    reasons which include family expectations, social pressures and knowing if their thoughts and feelings are valid. Discussions on transgender have risen to distinction in this country. Caitlin has recently accepted the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. It took a lot of thought and courage for her to come out the way she did, in the spot light of the media. She did not talk about choices, as being transgender is not a choice. Most of society now understand that sexual orientation is not a…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Jim Valvano's Speech

    Jim Valvano is a legend. On March 3, 1993 at the ESPYs, Valvano was awarded the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. In making his acknowledgment discourse, a growth stricken Valvano moves his audience at Madison Square Garden and everybody viewing the nation over to tears, to laughs, and even to a reality check with an end goal to bring issues to light and subsidizing for disease research. In his dialog, he notes to always remember about "where you started." Therefore, it would be appropriate to…

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  • Muhammad Ali's Impact On Society And Culture

    One of the reasons Muhammad Ali has the greatest impact on society and culture is because of his impact on boxing. As Ali became relevant in boxing, he showed everyone a new style of fighting, both inside and outside the ring. Inside the ring, Ali brought his “ballet-like grace as well as his flashy ‘Ali Shuffle,’” the way Ali moved his feet back and forth (“Muhammad Ali”). Ali also developed a technique of fighting called “Rope-a-Dope,” where he leaned up against the ropes to allow his opponent…

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  • Bruce Jenner: What Makes A Person Manly Or Womanly?

    Men and women have come a long way over the last century when it comes to body image and how people look at each other. Men and women both have a standard image that they supposed to fulfill, with men being manly and women being womanly. What exactly makes a person manly or womanly? Men tend to be more muscular and have deeper voices versus women who are generally not muscular and have higher voices. When someone differs from their original sexuality whether masculine or feminine it is different…

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  • Mental Toughness Research Paper

    If you're a regular reader, you know that every month I include the admonition to "get real, get tough, and get going." For me, it's a way of summarizing the attributes that I believe are required for mental toughness. A brief explanation of each: • Get real This is about rigorous, relentless honesty and objectivity. It's about confronting things as they are, not as we'd like them to be. • Get tough This step deals with developing the thick skin and character required to be tough-minded as a…

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  • Bruce Jenner: A Womanhood Role Model

    surrounding Caitlyn Jenner changed due to her appearance. When people talk about Jenner, they don’t talk about her years competing in the Olympics, rather they discuss whether or not they liked her dress when she gave her acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS. “Acts and gestures, articulated and enacted desires create the illusion of an interior and organizing gender core,” wrote Butler (Norton, 2549). Now that Jenner expresses her true womanly self, her body, in all…

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  • Jenner's Gender Transition

    blishes that she wants her series to focus on the increased acceptance of transgender people. She says, “People don’t understand looking in the mirror, and nothing seems right, putting on clothes that you just don’t really identify with. This is about getting to be who you really are” (Greco “Watch a New Promo for Caitlyn Jenner’s Docuseries”) Although most reality TV shows are viewed as superficial, I Am Cait serves to educate. The programming documents Jenner’s gender transition, her changing…

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  • Should Transgender Athletes Be Allowed To Participation In Sports Essay

    In recent years, the issue concerning transgender athletes being allowed to choose the teams they would like to play on has become an increasing problem. Our generation was never truly aware of how big of a problem this was to the transgender community until just recently when Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) came out as transgender and addressed the problem in her speech at the ESPYS. This really open our eyes and even infuriated some people, therefore, I believe that there needs to be…

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