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  • The 2010 Pakistan Floods: Risks And Human Disasters

    of a future flood of this magnitude. I will argue that the 2010 Pakistan floods were based largely on problematic human structures that made it difficult for the vulnerable population to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The English Measurement System

    Measurement is fundamental to human interaction. Measurement is used as a means of facilitating the exchange of goods and services. It makes it possible to quantify the magnitude of a physical dimension when describing an object. Nations adopt specific measurement systems to make it easier for commercial transactions to take place between geographic communities. Measurement is the basis of much of the entire enterprise of science, where phenomena are observed, analyzed, and described.…

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  • Theories Of Voter Participation

    A remarkable degree of concern has been expressed about level of voter turnout in democracies. Many behavioral level theories, more specifically rational choice theory is unsuccessful in explaining voter turnout. Indeed, “the instrument voter axiom predicts large-scale abstention because no individual is likely to have an influence on the election outcome” (Downs, 1957). However, international election results demonstrate that a large number of people do turn out to cast their vote, although…

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  • Essay On Uranus

    Uranus: Uranus was discovered in 1781 by a British Astronomer named William Herschel, using a 6 inch telescope. At first he thought that it might be a nebulous star or even a comet, but after continued observation, he realized that it appeared to be a disk in the sky that moved relative to the stars. The movement was far too slow to be a comet and soon enough he realized that he had discovered the 7th planet at the time. At first, he wanted to name it Georgium Sidus which translates to…

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  • S4e1 Vertical Alignment Assignment

    During the course of my vertical alignment assignment, I co-taught with Darlene Natson. The 4th grade classroom I taught in was Ms. Smith’s class. This was an introduction lesson to astronomy. During the course of the lesson, the standard that was covered was the following: S4E1. Students will compare and contrast the physical attributes of stars, star patterns, and planets. a. Recognize the physical attributes of stars in the night sky such as number, size, color and patterns. b. Compare the…

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  • Structural Evolution Of Iron Phosphate, Fepo4 And Fepo4

    relationship are the different Fe-O-P angles as well as inter-related wilt angles. Using the thermal expansion coefficient equation (as mentioned in the paragraph above), appropriate values may be obtained. Angles in α-FePO4 undergoes vibrations of larger magnitudes than in the ß-phase, where in fact, angular vibrations do not exist. Regarding symmetrical changes for its polymorphs, the mechanism is composed of FePO4 units. In its quartz form, tetrahedral rings were studied. The degree of…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Roosevelt's Speech

    American spirit in congress to make them feel as though they can all pull through what had just happened and go to war as the great nation of the US. With words fueled with passion, anger, and the American spirit, FDR was able to push the already apparent decision into fruition. Even to conclude, he ends with saying that ever since Japan had attacked, the US had already been at war with Japan. He did so to make the decision obvious and to solidify his purpose speaking congress that…

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  • Carl Jung Hamlet Analysis

    When Polonius goes to hide in Gertrude’s chambers to eavesdrop on her conversation with Hamlet after the play, Claudius is left alone to dwell on his thoughts. During this time he realizes the magnitude of his crime and has a mental breakdown. He laments, “Oh, my offence is rank. It smells to heaven.It hath the primal eldest curse upon ’t, A brother’s murder.” This is the first time in the play that Claudius is seen in actual distress. He is alone…

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  • Literary Criticism Of Mahabharata

    Amongst the enormous corpus of Hindu literature, Mahabharata stands out as a text of great magnitude, originally comprising of 100,000 Sanskrit shlokas, say about 2 million words. ‘Vedvyasya’, the author of Mahabharata has weaved a plethora of characters in this great Hindu epic, through which he takes the reader through every conceivable human emotion and situation, thus making it possible to identify with it even today. It even boasts, ‘What is here is found elsewhere. What is not here is…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Keystone Pipeline

    The Keystone Pipeline is a Legitimate Issue and Should Not Be Approved The controversy surrounding the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal steams from very legitimate concerns. While the issue has attracted support from some parties, it is apparent that many, including environmental activists, civilians and politician have strongly opposed the move, but the big question is, what are the specific reasons is in all this? According to Natural Resource Defense Council, NADR a New York based…

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