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  • San Antonio Missions

    the San Antonio Missions. Pictures, text, and even diaries of the first hand experience were available on the National Parks website. This website was a great introduction on the beginnings and everyday life of the Missions. Information on the history of the people that lived, worked, and built the foundation for the city that would become San Antonio was sufficient history source. Another intriguing topic found on the website was the Spanish settlers reasons for colonizing in San Antonio.…

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  • Gramsci Prison Notebooks

    Totalizing: Before the 1970s, many social theorists imagined society as an integrated whole. Thus, they attempted that a universal logic accounted for all human experience. However later theorist have criticized, earlier theories as “totalizing attempts” and argue that universal mechanisms and assumptions cannot account for the variations in human development and history. Also, Later theorist assert traditional social science premised on white, patriarchal, male dominated European colonialism…

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  • Big Men In The NBA

    Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Shaquille O’neal, Hakeem Olajuwon: What these six former NBA players share aside from their intimidating stature and hall of fame status is that, unbeknownst to them (and a vast majority of NBA fans and analysts as well for that matter), they would be the last of their kind in the NBA for the foreseeable future. Each player’s exit from the league brought us one step closer to the end of an era in the NBA; an era that was not only…

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  • Bossa Nova Analysis

    Bossa Nova was a Brazilian musical movement started in 1958 with the song “Desafinado” by Tom Jobim and Newton Mendonça. This movement claims to the Brazilian Elites the art of music composition, which, since the beginning of the 20th century, had a very popular characteristic. Until then, the Samba dominated the musical scenario, and it was produced by the low class population in the rodas de samba, which were groups of musicians who would informally gather in bars to play and compose. Bossa…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Basketball Team

    He caught the ball with eight seconds left in the game. A defender ran towards him, one hand in the air to try to block the shot. As he jumped up, the entire crowd held their breaths. Everything was moving in slow motion; his arm extended and the ball spun out of his hand, gliding up into an arc headed towards the hoop. As the ball neared its highest point, the shot clock went off, and the shrill buzzer pierced through the silence. Everyone in that arena was focused on one thing: the basketball,…

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  • Gender Barriers In Sports

    This sports study will define the increasingly important role of female coaches in all-male basketball leagues. The presence of female coaches in collegiate basketball defines the expanding parameters of coaching opportunities for women in the male-dominant NCAA men’s basketball league. The example of Theresa Phillips, Stephanie Ready, and Jennifer Johnston that defy the patriarchal culture of men’s coaching in all-male leagues at this level of performance. Patriarchal values in all-male…

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  • History Concert Report Sample

    Jazz History Concert Report II For my final concert writing critique, I decided to attend the live Ball State Student Jazz Combos on Tuesday, November 8; this event took place in Choral Hall inside of the university’s Music Instruction Building. The wooden hall was smaller than I thought it would have been, but it gave the concert setting a more intimate feel. There were three groups presenting that day, each under a different director. Because each group did not have a specific name, I had to…

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  • Differences Of Michael Jordan Vs. Kobe Bryant

    Michael Jordan Vs. Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant has throughout his life been compared to Michael Jordan in almost every aspect. Some say that Kobe Bryant steals Michael Jordan’s moves, even Michael Jordan thinks that Kobe steals his moves. Kobe and Michael are both champions, shooting guards, and they both had very successful careers. In 1991, Michael Jordan won his first NBA championship in only five games. At the time the Playoffs were four game elimination, meaning that first team to win four…

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  • How Did Jackie Robinson Think About Racial Equality

    for the skilled baseball player he was. Yes racism still was a war for Jackie but more people started to look past that. Jackie died October 24, 1972 happy with his accomplishments. One of Jackie’s sons, David Robinson played in the NBA for the San Antonio Spurs basketball team. Inspired by his dad’s accomplishments, he won many medals and championship…

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  • Kobe Bryant Informative Speech

    Everybody like basketball. Basket ball had a lot of great players like Larry bird or the king Jordan. To me the best is Kobe Bryant also known as the black Maba. I am going to tell you about his early career and his professional career. His legacy and the records he broke and set now I am going to tell you how he came straight out of high school to the NBA. Bryant started playing basket ball when he was 3 years old. His favorite team growing…

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