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  • Julius Winfield Erving: The Greatest Basketball Player

    Julius Winfield Erving III was one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He was one of the very few players that changed the game. When he played he electrified the court giving him sense power making him seem like he can do anything on the court. Dr.j went up against some of the Nba’s greatest players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Clyde Drexler and embarrassed them by dunking on them because of his ridiculous athleticism. While he was playing there was no one that could guard…

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  • Nba Persuasive Speech

    Who do you think is the best NBA team between the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors? Im sure you picked the Cavaliers since they were the NBA champions last year. Now i'm sure you're thinking, now how is she going to see which team is the best. The way I'll show you is by facts about each team and their stats. But before we learn about who is the best we will learn more about the great game of basketball. The game of basketball first started by a man named Dr. James Naismith in…

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  • Kyrie Irving Research Paper

    Kyrie Irving There is fifty-four seconds left in game seven of the NBA finals. The game is tied, series tied. Kyrie irving steps back and drains an unbelievably deep three over Stephen Curry! The Cavs now have a three-point lead over the Golden State Warriors and are going to win the NBA Finals (Azarly). Kyrie Irving has won his first NBA Finals after coming back from being down 3-1 in the series. Kyrie Irving is one of the most clutch players in the NBA and also one of the best point guards.…

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  • Coachup Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    “Being a superstar means you’ve reached your potential, and I don’t think I’ve reached my potential as a basketball player and as a leader yet.” Stephen Curry, professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, is the spokesperson for a one-on-one coaching company CoachUp. The most recent commercial advertisement to come out by CoachUp has Stephen Curry reading his scouting report from the 2009 NBA Draft. His readings are about how he will not be a dominant athlete in the NBA. The…

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  • Brooklyn Nets Payroll Case Study

    When did the Brooklyn Nets become a savvy, resourceful franchise? How does a team with little to no assets add draft picks and even a former lottery player? Welcome to the New Nets. The Brooklyn Nets are no longer the laughing stock of NBA front offices (take that Knicks!), after Marks and Co. have made this an organization players actually want to join. On July 13th, the Toronto Raptors officially sent DeMarre Carroll, a 2018 lottery-protected first-round and 2018 second-round to the Brooklyn…

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  • Kobe Bryant Speeches

    They pass it to Kobe with 5 seconds left, he hesitates to the goal 4… he dribbles between the legs…3...2, he steps back and shoots...1. It's a fan's dream come true to take the game-winning shot. The way your excitement flows in your body as I play in the close game. I once heard the broadcasters talk about Kobe Bryant that way. In fact, me being named after the famous Kobe Bryant, who would go down as a legend, I would have to live to high expectations. It would be just as great as hitting the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of NBA Trade Rumors

    As NBA Trade Rumors are still swirling around at this time and another potential trade proposal are being pushed thru between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Sacramento Kings. Rumors have it that DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay are allegedly being tip to join the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for former All-Star forward Kevin Love and forward/center Tristan Thompson. The Cavs are always involved in trade rumors every now and then as they try to keep up with the Golden State Warriors, which just…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Houston Rocket Uprising

    Intro The San Antonio Spurs will face off against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference semi-finals in a battle for Texas. If you told me we would get a James Harden vs. Kawhi Leonard matchup in the second round, I’d gladly accept it. Two of the top five MVP candidates will go head to head, in what should be a great and entertaining series. If the regular season is any indication, then this series will be extremely close and go down to the wire. All four of their regular season games…

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  • The Alamo Battle Analysis

    The war transpired from October 1835 to April 1836. During the battle for the Alamo, a small group of Texas defenders led by Colonel James Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis fought a large contingent of the Mexican Army led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Hickman (2015) states that in late autumn of 1835, a small group of Texas rebels surrounded the…

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  • The Alamo Movie Analysis

    The most heroic, critical and significant battles of our Texas history is of the infamous battle for the Alamo. This essay is to provide a very short comparsion of the old and newly revised version of the Alamo. Is the revised version a myth? Or was it created to be more modern and understandable? The fact is that the Texas solders who defended the Alamo were not properly armed, trained and were greatly outnumbered, but had a heart of bravery the odds were truly against them, but that didn’t…

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