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  • Mistero Buffo: Mary Under The Cross

    Mistero Buffo was first performed October 2, 1969 outside Milan by Dario Fo (Behan 99). Oftentimes, his performances of Mistero Buffo were with his wife, Franca Rame, who stated that Fo began collecting these pieces seven years earlier. However, his revisions of Biblical texts date back to 1953 (Behan 95). Inspired by Marxist theories, he strove “to make audiences become aware that their position in society is a consequence of the privileges and oppression perpetrated at their expense by another…

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  • Essay On Riverwalk

    It’s New Year’s Eve 2015. My family and I are walking the streets of downtown San Antonio heading to the Riverwalk. My heart is already pumping blood uncontrollably, not because of the lengthy walk we had to take in order to reach the Riverwalk, but of excitement. The feeling of excitement due to that I will once again be reunited with the Riverwalk; my favorite place in this whole world. This small stretch of river, which I’ve visited two times previously, has a special place in my heart. When…

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  • Althusser's Theory Of Ideology

    Essay I: Ideology, a term that we all know exists, but very few truly understand the essence that lies behind such a word. Many questions arise when one thinks of ideology such as, but not limited to, “What is ideology?” and “Where do individuals come to acquire their ideology, as in is it born into the genetics that make up who they are, or is it created through the experiences of their life?”. Louis Althusser was a 20th century French philosopher that devoted much of his life to the study of…

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  • The Historical Processes Of Competing Interests In International Relations Case Study

    Figure 4: The Historical Processes of Competing Interests in International Relations Source: Social Forces, States and World Orders (Cox, 1981: 138). Figure four indicates that social forces, forms of state and world orders are interdependent in the completing interests in international relations. Social forces form the base of the ABSM, and the ideologies are essential to the deliberation process in democratic practises. The form of state represents the political institutions and material…

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  • Antonio Gramsci's Concept Of Cultural Hegemony In The Early 20th Century

    Antonio Gramsci Introduction Antonio Gramsci was born on January 22 of 1891, in Sardinia, Italy. Gramsci’s journey began in 1915 where he became a journalist for the Italian Socialist Party. However, it was not until 1921 when Gramsci had become a prominent member of the party which split into the Italian Communist Party. On November 8th of 1926 he was arrested for speaking against fascism. Gramsci’s familiarity began in the confine of Regina Coeli prison. His long sentence resulted in his…

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  • Analysis Of Smooth Criminal By Antonio Vivavenson

    boy group singing and doing a choreographed dance to entice the crowd. The music in this exerpt is also upbeat and there are many beats throughout the song. The third excerpt that I found was a performance by Croatian Baroque Ensemble performing Antonio Vivaldi’s “Concert for Two Violins”.…

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  • Raymond Williams The Dominant Society Analysis

    When grounded upon Raymond Williams’ concept of the dominant society and the perpetual flux between filtering residual and emergent cultures, the existence of the novel by such definitions are placed into that of the former. Novels represent a notion of residual culture that has been deeply absorbed within the current superstructure as “they contribute to the effective dominant culture and are a central articulation of it” (Williams 1434), while creating more production for the base through…

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  • Amadeus Mozart Comparison

    significance of his work, his music, and his art form. In the beginning of the movie Amadeus Mozart is already a famous composer. People identify him as a great composer, but they don’t really know the real Amadeus behind music that they love. People like Antonio Salieri, who is the composer for the emperor Franz Joseph and the narrator of the story. Salieri only knew Mozart by his reputation until he met him. He had admired and respected Mozart’s compositions, and assumed him to be a man of…

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  • The Industrialized World Film Analysis

    Art is a mechanism by which the artist turns the simple into the phenomenal, the static into the dynamic, the two dimensional into the three dimensional, and can be looked at through the lens of Gestalt psychology--the concept that the work as a whole is different from the sum of its individual parts. Based on the current, Western perception of progress, society can be broken into collections of nations and regions that form pseudo classes or castes--the most distinct being the Emerging…

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  • Ernesto Laclau: Poulantzas Debate Analysis

    Epistemological Problem Robin Blackburn (2014) described Ernesto Laclau as “the outstanding Argentinean political philosopher ... the author of landmark studies of Marxist theory and of populism as a political category and social movement. ... Used the work of Antonio Gramsci to reject what they saw as the reductionism and teleology of much Marxist theory... a ‘post-Marxist’ and an advocate of ‘radical democracy’ ”. On the other hands, Norman Geras who involved in long polemic against Laclau…

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