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  • Democracy: The Derailment Of Democracy

    The Derailment of Democracy Overthrowing a government has never been easy. Civil wars and revolutions almost always end up in bloody warfare. Planning to install democracy after ousting the original government is not a simple task either. The only other flourishing country that has successfully managed this is America, which is the only exception in all of history. It is no wonder that France had such a hard time with their revolution. Although the French Revolution showed that building a democracy poses challenges, such as the suppression of groups in the tyranny of the majority and minority and an uneducated population which cannot hold office, Burke and Mill offer their philosophies as solutions to these problems. Tyranny of the majority…

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  • Democracy Vs Athenian Democracy

    Different governments have different characteristics and both pro and cons aspects to be considered. While some appear to be superior, for obvious reasons, others can carry a tremendous amount of prejudice in today’s world. In most of the Western World, however, democracy is considered the best form of government. While some can point flaws and problems with this kind of government, it’s defended by many. According to Churchill, “no one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it…

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  • Democracy: Epistocracy Is A Form Of Democracy

    Epistocracy is a system of government in which voting is knowledge-based. The way democracy in America works is that a campaigning politician will reach for a center audience in order to appeal to the common people while really having plans for the left or right. More often than not, the common people are not as educated on the important topics at hand. Many voters are ignorant, uneducated, or misinformed. Epistocracy is a form of democracy but instead there is a test that determines if…

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  • Democracy And Capitalism In Modern Democracy

    Modern democracy is connected to capitalism on behalf of the bourgeoisie’s class in current economy. The 18th century social movements were pre dominantly caused by the help of bourgeoisie where they wanted to have formal right to own their land, property and free from arbitrary rule by the government. Importantly the whole society wanted just rules and laws that governed every individual in society. The rules and laws were established by the people as a whole. However, in modern democracy,…

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  • Democracy: Theories Of The Athenian Democracy

    The Athenian government consists of a Democratic government. In theory, a Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Taken from that theory of the Athenian Democracy, the “people” referred to men over the age of 18 who were born from Athenian parents. Men ruled the government, where they were able to vote and make political decisions regarding the country. Women, foreigners and slaves were not allowed to participate in the government at all. The United States…

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  • The Role Of Democracy In Greek Democracy

    Democracy is form of government wherein the people govern the society through personally elected officials. The idea of this form of government was initially created in Greece along with many other, new variations of government. It was put into act, and eligible voters would all be given the chance to select the candidates and winners of the elections. This however, didn’t include everyone, for like today, many minorities remained unrepresented and would remain so for years. Back then, there…

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  • Democracy: The Four Types Of Representative Democracy

    America has always been seen as the land of the free and democratic. But how democratic is America? A textbook definition of democracy is “a form of government in which the people rule, either directly or through elected leaders”. Pure democracy is when the people directly rule. Pure democracy typically only works in small societies. In America, we have a representative democracy. We vote for representatives and those representatives vote on the policies that will affect the public. The model…

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  • Democracy: The Role Of Democracy In The United States

    when it comes to a fit global government. This form of government is known as democracy. This form of government was first seen during the reign of ancient Athens. Athens, erected The Athenian Constitution around 350 BC, which regulated the members of an exclusive group in Athens. However, democracy has many challenges that contour viewpoints on this type of government leading people to question if democracy is the universal government. Democracy is defined as a system of government by the…

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  • Democracy In Somalia

    and freedom” in Somalia. Somaliland has three regions called “British Somaliland Protectorate(today’s Somaliland), Italian Somaliland(rest of Somalia), and French Somaliland(now Djibouti)” (Kaplan, 2008). Northwestern district of Somalia acquired its independence in 1991. The political development in Somali has gradually enhanced or improved towards democracy, which is evident through the article called “The Remarkable Story of Somaliland” by Seth Kaplan. Demonstrating a (great, sound or valid)…

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  • Greek Democracy Vs Representative Democracy

    Democracy, a revolutionary political form of government that has ever been evolving since it was first introduced. For approximately two thousand five hundred years, democracy has played a vital role in world politics. The preferred political system of free peoples throughout the world, democracy originated on the streets of Athens and became ingrained in Greek Society. In 508 B.C., Cleisthenes, an Athenian ruler, had reformed a government ruled by the people; thus, he established the…

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