Democracy And Capitalism In Modern Democracy

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Modern democracy is connected to capitalism on behalf of the bourgeoisie’s class in current economy. The 18th century social movements were pre dominantly caused by the help of bourgeoisie where they wanted to have formal right to own their land, property and free from arbitrary rule by the government. Importantly the whole society wanted just rules and laws that governed every individual in society. The rules and laws were established by the people as a whole. However, in modern democracy, rule of the people has become limited where individuals are not able to directly participate in political affairs in determining the rules and laws of the society. (Burnheim, 1997, p. 51). In modern democracy, democratic practices are limited where the …show more content…
The neoliberalism is a political ideology which promotes a free market society and free market competition for labour and production. Neoliberalism is an ideology which is centre in exploiting labour and nature. (Kovel, 2007, p. 73). This form of thought renders democracy useless, where it takes away the rights and freedom that are initially given to the person by democracy. The rights and freedom are violated where the government no longer becomes the arbitrary ruler over the people but different multi-billion dollar corporation start controlling their lives through labour. The labour controls the individual’s lives, corporation becoming monopolies where they regulate the economy through exploiting labour. (Kovel, 2007, p. 177). The labour is exploiting individuals through class division established by the capitalist system. There are two main division of capitalist economy, the worker and the owner. The capitalist system changes the means of production from the social need to more of self-need. . Where there are three main conditions that develop the capitalist system. The three conditions are corporations, manufacturing and large scale industries. These three conditions established an efficient network of means of production that produced commodity. In relation, the commodity that is being produced is not for the need but for capital. Wherefore it is over produced for gaining higher capital. The capital is gained when the commodity that is produced is exchange with money. (Tucker, 1978, p. 236). For this reason, human labour also is sold for capital, where individuals who are worker, produce the commodity, however they do not own the produced commodity. They do not own the commodity due to the individuals selling their labour for capital. Continuing, means of production increased due to industrial revolution, this revolution allowed new forms of technology to be introduced

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