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  • Employment Law Case Study

    7.1 Employment Law Concepts: Employment law concepts: Fossum (2012) explained that employment law is a broad area that formed form everything employee and employer relationship. Labor law on the other hand covered the negotiation process between employees an employer. Fossum( 2012) also explained that there are so many laws and regulations that control Employment law, and these laws and regulations could be both federal laws or state laws that is different depending on the state. Independent contractor vs. employee: Fossum (2012) mentioned that some businesses prefer independent contractor more than employee, He explained the reason for that is due to the fact that independent contractor or employees can do the same work, but if a business have independent contractor not employee the they don’t have to withholds income tax, or offer insurance or social security. On the other hand, they have to when they higher employee, therefore less expenses and less paper work for the business. Fossum(2012) explained how independent contractor different from employee for the purpose of payroll taxes and withholding taxes. He explained that an independent contractor is an independent person who runs his or her own business, and be his or her own boss, but at the same time he or she provides good or service to another business, plus that person is responsible for his or her own tax (Fossum,2012). 7.2 Contracts: Fossum (2012) explained the requirements for contracts Law, and these…

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  • Employment Law: Duties And Responsibilities Of The Contract Of Employment

    TASK 1: Employment law is a law that regulates employments rights within employee, workers and independent contractors. However, the employment law gives the employee some legal enforceable rights which are contained in the contract of employment. Contract of employment is an agreement that exist between an employer and employee which specify their duties, rights and responsibilities (Government of UK (Gov.uk), 2014). There are certain rights of employee that are legally protected that means…

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  • Federal Employment Law Case Study

    The Senior Vice-President of Operations has appointed me, the Director of Human Resources, to investigate any violations of Federal Employment Laws within Company X. Three situations have come to me to analyze. First, if a violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 took place. An employee requested time off for the birth of his child. Second, an employee was turned down for a job promotion is stating discrimination due to his age. Investigation into the Age Discrimination in…

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  • The Importance Of Employment Laws For The Process Of Recruitment

    and depends on the unreliable financial situations. Legal framework: The recruitment and PM practices in the NPOs are subject to the relevant legal framework in New Zealand (NZ). The relevant employment laws for the process of recruitment and PM in NZ include Employment Relations Act 2000, the vulnerable children Act 2014, Equal pay Act 1972, Health and Safety Act 1992, (Employment New Zealand, n.d; Children’s Action Plan, n.d). The ERA 2000 bounds the employers and the employees to act in good…

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  • Copyright And The Employment Law Rules In Furchester

    are doing on the computer so that they not doing anything apart from work. IT technician would need to install advanced software to maintain their hardware such as antivirus, clean up tools, monitoring and diagnostic software. However, these software’s must not be pirated and should be legit bought or asked for permission otherwise they will face the consequence. Plus, downloading software illegally might have viruses in them which will cause the system to be unsafe to use so it’s best to…

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  • The Common Law Principle Of Employment-At-Will Analysis

    S3354.htm BUS 335 WK 3 Quiz 2 Chapter 2,3 - All Possible Questions True / False Questions 1. The employer-employee relationship is the most prevalent type of employment relationship. True False 2. Employment contracts may be written but not in oral form. True False 3. The specificity of the language used in an employment contract must be very extensive. True False 4. The formal agreement which specifies the employment terms and conditions for the employee and…

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  • How Does Employment Law Affect Employment Agreement In New Zealand?

    concentrates on the employment law and how it affects employment agreement in New Zealand by the legal frameworks in which it develops employment relationship in relation to the Employment Relations Act (ERA) 2000. As highlighted “the use of such triangular relationships creates complexities in the rights and responsibilities of each party” . Means that the power of New Zealand’s employment law defines employers and employees across the statutes. The court uses the employment status for their…

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  • Case: Social Media As Evidence In Employment Law

    Social Media as Evidence in Employment Law Social media has been a big part of today’s world. Not only is it being used for one’s personal life, but it has started to seep through into the business world as well. As technology enhances, social media is being used even more in the new generation along with the older generation that has gotten the hang of it. Whether it be a positive or a negative, the growth of it is starting to be part of evidence when it comes to the work place environment but…

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  • Importance Of Substantive And Procedural Rules In Employment Law

    As the nature of employment in modern society continues to change, employment relations have become a highly relevant area of expertise. The heart of employment relations is a complicated practice with multiple theories, legal frameworks, policies and rules. By first establishing a sound understanding of employment relations practice and the enforcing authorities, the following essay aims to provide a clear understanding of substantive and procedural rules, the distinctions between them and…

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  • The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

    can be seen as all-encompassing, and yet, it does not dictate the rules to follow regarding a major component of each person’s life: employment. Or does it? A vast portion of our lives in Canada is spent working, and regardless of the work environment, we interact with other people who may or may not come from the same backgrounds and ideologies as we do. With no specific terminology in the Charter that includes employment law, we must look between the lines and find the connections that lay…

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