Emotional Intelligence Essay

  • Emotional Intelligence And Emotional Intelligence

    A person’s capability of identifying how he/she and others feel and react in certain situations and one’s ability to use those feelings and reactions in beneficial and encouraging ways refer to Emotional Intelligence. One’s level of emotional intelligence plays a significant role in the outcome of a person’s life; it could either lead one to success or failure. Developing good social skills, proper-self management, strong self-awareness and social awareness is an important factor in developing a high level of emotional intelligence. One’s level of emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient are not greatly related to each other, but the two need each other in order for a person to use his/her emotions in a proper way and to help him/her build a better life. Emotional intelligence (EQ) describes how one approaches others’ feelings and behaviors and how one deals with social dilemmas. Emotional intelligence includes one’s ability to keep in touch with his/her feelings and be in control of them. Intelligence quotient (IQ), on the other hand, measures a person’s level of cognitive intelligence, and it includes one’s ability to apply the knowledge and information he/she has obtained to logical reasoning and problem solving. In a way, these two interact when a person is faced with a dilemma or is in a situation where he/she has to deal with others’ emotions because EQ is about how he/she makes decisions and IQ is about his/her ability to let these actions result in good…

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  • Emotional Intelligence And The Theory Of Emotional Intelligence

    until the recent re-introduction during the middle of the 1990s by previously mentioned Psychologist and writer Daniel Goleman, who is famous for introducing the theory of Emotional Intelligence to the general public. His book was considered a groundbreaking achievement due to his suggestion that emotions can be more important than IQ, when it came to being “successful.’ Goleman’s theory has been scientifically studied during the last two decades. His theory was based on Mayer, J.D. and…

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  • Emotional Intelligence And Emotional Quotient

    that was conducted was in regard to emotional quotient (EQ) otherwise known as emotional intelligence, which is the ability to perceive and understand the emotions of others around them and adapt to those scenarios, being contrasted with the use of intelligence quotient (IQ) which is a score given to determines a person’s intelligence, using logic and reason, the two were explored and contrasted to determine which one provides the most benefits within business and management. Each presented…

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  • Intelligence Vs Emotional Intelligence

    Measuring intelligence has been a fascination for many cultures for a long time. Intelligence, once was only measured by what a person knew or how a person could adeptly understand abstract concepts. Some cultures, book knowledge as it were became one of the only areas that allowed people to gain access to certain jobs. The Chinese had tests that basically placed people in government positions solely based on the performance on the tests themselves. Previously in Chinese culture it was who you…

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  • The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence And Intelligence

    adjusted, and adventurous. The ones who were unable to wait for the second marshmallow, were more lonely, stubborn, and frustrated. Also the ones who waited for the extra marshmallow scored higher on the Scholastic Test. This marshmallows test can give signs of emotional intelligence. According to a Yale psychologist, Peter Salovey describes the phrase emotional intelligence as “understanding one’s own feelings, empathy for the feelings of others, and the regulation of emotion in a way that…

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  • Emotional Intelligence

    cognitive functions” which gives human strong problem solving skills.(Preuss). This area of the brain also gives humans specialized abilities such “as language, tool making, reasoning, and social cognition”(Preuss). This slight increase in brain mass is what gives humans enhanced intelligence and thinking. Humans have been “making and using tools, which dates back millions of years”(Choi). Over this time humans have made astonishing architectural structures such as the Roman Empire, The Great…

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  • Emotional Intelligence: My Personal Concept Of Emotional Intelligence

    Overall, my original purpose statement is still relevant. That being said, there should be more emphasis on the emotional intelligence aspect of my statement. In the program thus far, I’ve found there to be much more teamwork than I had initially anticipated. This makes sense, as it’s an accurate reflection of the kind of work environment and culture to be expected in the real business world. With this important realization in mind, it is clear that high emotional intelligence is integral to…

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  • Characteristics Of Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence A high level of emotional intelligence is key to a successful future – both personally and professionally. The ability to analyze the emotions of oneself and others’ and act accordingly based on the observations aids each individual exponentially. Emotional intelligence is made up of a few key qualities that especially benefit professionals in specific fields. Harnessing and expanding my emotional intelligence at Velvet Moth Photography has aided in making my time with…

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  • The Characteristics Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

    In this essay I will talk about emotional intelligence in the workplace. Emotional intelligence is the ability to read and respond to emotions that pertain to yourself and other people, on a personal level when you are demonstrating emotional intelligence you’re aware of what you’re feeling and you’re able to respond to that effectively to produce the behavior that you want on a social side of things. Emotional intelligence is really picking up on what other people are feeling, what they’re…

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  • The Five Components Of Emotional Intelligence

    highlights why intelligence and skill alone does not guarantee success as a leader. In the article, Author Daniel Golleman highlights one characteristic many highly effective leaders have that separate them from simply “good” leaders: a high degree of emotional intelligence (Goffee & Jones, 2015). Goleman describes five components that make up emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills (2015). This essay will describe the five…

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