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  • Anatomy And Physiology

    Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy means the structure of the human body. Ana (making) Tomy (cutting.) Physiology means the study of normal human body’s functions. Physio (physical) Logy (study.) There are two different types of anatomy, which are Gross Anatomy and Microscopic Anatomic. Gross Anatomy refers to the structures that can be seen with the eyes. For example: the heart, the liver, and the kidneys. There are several subdivisions of Gross Anatomy such as; surface anatomy, regional anatomy, and systemic anatomy. Surface anatomy focuses on the external parts of the body. For example: legs and head. Regional anatomy focuses on all the structures in a specific region of the body. For example: examining the buccal region of…

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  • Grey's Anatomy Analysis

    Grey’s Anatomy: A Superb Medical Drama Have you ever watched a television show that has made you laugh and cry in the same episode? Shows that can make you happy and sad can be considered as a drama genre. Most medical shows exaggerate and portray situations as if they would be impossible to relate to. Grey’s Anatomy is the opposite of any typical medical television show. Grey’s Anatomy is an excellent television drama because it features real life trauma scenes, romantic relationships among…

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  • Analysis Of Grey's Anatomy

    Grey’s anatomy is a television show about a group of surgeons and interns who work at Seattle Grace Hospital. The series emphasizes on a group of doctors who fight to save their patient 's lives while contending to become the head surgeon. Aside from the competition, they go through a lot of heartbreak; either relationships problems or family crises throughout each of their lives. The series began with Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) starting her career as a medical intern with other interns,…

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  • Grey's Anatomy Essay

    What Happened to Grey’s Anatomy? After a detrimental explosion, Grey Sloan Memorial is on the verge of major changes bound to give a refreshing and much-needed upgrade to the show fans have all come to love. Although writers have already set up plenty of room for the heartbreaking moments that Grey’s Anatomy is known for, the new season seems to come with a much lighter and warmer feel after a tragic couple of years for our favorite surgeons. After numerous questions that were left unanswered…

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  • Hidden Father Of Anatomy

    Learning is a good way to discover a new thing in the life. Everybody knows the term “anatomy”, but I do not think people know about the history of this term. Similarly, when the students study about anatomy, the first page of the anatomy textbook did not introduce the history of it, instead the publishers of the textbooks introduce about themselves. For this reason, the anatomy learners as I need to learn a history of this term. However, it is not an important concept, but it is better to know…

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  • Progression Of Anatomy Essay

    James Alex Plunk FHS Sickness and Healing Cooper The Progression of Anatomy Anatomy is the study of the components that make up the human body. Throughout history, it has faced technological and social challenges that have hindered its growth and have resulted in various errors made by significant leaders in the world of medicine. The distinction between the eras of anatomical knowledge can be differentiated by the dominating theories of the times or their respective key medical figures. The…

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  • Anatomy Of The Heart Essay

    The heart is the organ that pumps blood through the body. Together with the circulatory system it makes up the cardiovascular system (Anatomy of the Heart, 2015). The heart is oddly shaped, almost oval at the bottom but with a series of veins and arteries at the top and sides. It definitely is not “heart” shaped. It is made up of four chambers consisting of two atria (upper) and two ventricles (lower). These chambers are separated into right and left side by the septum, which is a wall of…

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  • Cardiovascular Anatomy Of The Heart

    The Cardiovascular System: An Overview of Blood, Vessels, and Heart – Healthy to Diseased The cardiovascular system, also known as the circulatory system, consists of the heart, blood, and blood vessels (Mertz, 2004). The cardiovascular system moves oxygenated blood and nutrients through to and removes carbon dioxide and wastes out of the body’s cells. (Miracle of the Human Body, 2010) I will provide an overview how a healthy cardiovascular system does this by first discussing the anatomy of it,…

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  • Anatomy Case Study

    However, by the 1820s there was a growing public interest in anatomy . One of the principal reasons for this was the case of Burke and Hare, who between 1827 and 1828, committed murders for the purpose of selling the bodies to the anatomy schools in Edinburgh. The case provoked a public sense of revulsion at the illegal trade in corpses for the purpose of anatomical study and led to fundamental changes in legislature surrounding the field of anatomical study, primarily with the introduction of…

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  • Anatomy And Injury Of ACL

    The Anatomy and Injury of the ACL This research paper will be over the Anatomy of the ACL, or Anterior Cruciate Ligament, and why it is injured so often by everyday people and athletes alike. The part covering the anatomy will go over the following: the location, what it is made of, structure, and its purpose. The part covering the injury will go over the following: different types of injuries and what happens during these injuries, why it is injured so much, diagnosis, the process of the…

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