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  • Food Storage Practices: Adaptive Cycle

    This section examines food storage practices to understand further the conservation phase (K-strategy) of the Denesųłiné adaptive cycle. Out of respect for the animals caribou meat is not wasted. Denesųłiné cache caribou meat. This stores meat for future use. It also ensures that all killed caribou are used. Caches prevent scavengers from eating the meat. For highly mobile Denesųłiné, static food storage is slightly aberrant. As shown in Chapter 5, the production of mobile dry meat and pemmican…

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  • Suspense In The Movie Jaws

    with sound. One example could be the shower scene in Psycho; if you turn off the screen and only listen to the sound; an almost crystal clear visual is made because you can hear what is actually going on. Another perfect example is the movie Jaws (1975). The iconic scene in the movie is when Brody finally kills the beast; with the music, the sound effects and the vocals combined, a feeling of suspense becomes apparent with the audience, as well as that of a sigh of relief once Bruce is…

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  • Crime And Attractiveness On Sentence Study

    In this experiment we look at exactly this kind of situation. This becomes important for judges and other high up officials to understand that their thoughts might be swayed by attractiveness when making sentencing decisions. Sigall and Ostrove’s (1975) experiment relates most closely to ours. They wanted to know if a crime unrelated to attractiveness, such as burglary, would benefit attractive defendants and if a crime related to attractiveness, such as swindle, would result in a harsher…

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  • Analysis Of If I Die In A Combat Zone: Box Me Home By Tim O Brien

    decisions to fight in a war were not courageous if the choice was opposite to his convictions and to simply surrender to social censure. O 'Brien pondered the possibility, “Was my apparent courage in enduring merely a well-disguised cowardice” (O 'Brien 1975, 139). In his own words O 'Brien concluded that his attempted courage through all the fears of guilt, war, and death was evidently a disguise of…

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  • The Indonesian Genocide

    country that was a Portuguese colony up until 1975 when the country gained its independence from Portugal and Indonesian control in the West. Right before the invasion, President Ford was reported to have visited Indonesia, which has been assumed to have symbolized his permission for Indonesia to invade the East Timor country. This invasion has killed an estimated…

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  • Ernesto Laclau: Poulantzas Debate Analysis

    This also included what Laclau (1975) observed; "Miliband 's whole analysis remains on an empirical layer: it starts with assertions referring to reality and it proves that reality is in contradiction with those assertions." (p. 52). This approach, as mentioned in section 3, had been…

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  • The Khmer Rouge: A Justification Of The Vietnam War

    essentially confined to Vietnam”. This is a famous speaker of Martin Jacques, a famous editor, academic, author in England. This quote tells us about problems of Cambodia after Vietnam war, Cambodia was controlled by Khmer Rouge, a communist group from 1975-1979. Many people have been killed because they against the government. As a result of the Khmer Rouge’s total control and the people’s fighting back. the Cambodian genocide became the most bloody genocide of human history. The Khmer…

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  • The Yellow Flag In Thomas King's 'Totem'

    reflects me of being a Vietnamese, whose belonged from the red flag with yellow star in middle. Before 1975, the South and North of Vietnam was separated to two countries because of the civil war, the south was Republic party, which the symbol was yellow flag with three red stripes and the North was the Communist party, which the symbol was red flag with yellow star in the middle. On April 30th, 1975, the North and South of Vietnam liberated, the North and the South become a region of the…

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  • Diversity And Discrimination

    1) Explain what is meant by a) diversity b) equality c) inclusion d) discrimination Diversity- It is about having people that have different personalities and characteristics. This could be related to having diversity in the workplace examples are race, religion, skin colour ect. It is good to have diversity because it shows that everyone is different. Equality- All people should be treated the same it shouldn’t matter what gender, family status or disability they have. They all have the right…

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  • The Milgram Experiment: Examining The Role Of Authority In The Social Contract

    contract. Michel Foucault explains how authority in the modern disciplinary society could be better enforced by establishing proper hierarchies and creating confinements and labels for the undesirables in society (Foucault, D&P p. 224 & M&C p. 37-38, 1975 & 1988). In the Milgram experiment, the participant who carried out shocks until told otherwise demonstrated full adherence to the social contract. This is because the participant, based on the power dynamics behind the experiment, responded to…

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