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How was the French and Indian War an example of imperial corruption?
This war, Seven Years War, represented the decisive turning point as the clear precedent of more than a century of colonial-imperial relations
Explain the causes and outcome of the French Indian War.
This was the fourth war between Great Britain and France for the control of North America. The French built Fort Duquesne and the British established Fort Necessity. The British sent in a militia to evict the French, ending with the French counterattacking. The French won and then William Pitt got the Iroquois people to come on the British side. The war ended in 1763 with the British winning.
Why was involved in the war itself?
Great Britain, the French, and the Iroquois.
What were the provisions of the Proclomation of 1763? What was the response of colonists to the Proclomation? How did this help lay groundwork for the American Revolution?
It was enacted because the Native Americans were scared of the British. Pontiac and his men captured eight British forts in the Ohio River Valley and laid siege to two others. This ended with Delaware offering peace notations but really spreading a disease around. The British realized they couldn’t function properly without the trading with the Native Americans and they wouldn’t be able to function knowing the Natives would never be happy with the British living there. The provisions were having a Proclamation line where colonists couldn’t cross. The colonists were unhappy with this and ended up moving onto the land anyway and they believed the British didn’t care about them.
What was the Stamp Act?
Declaration of rights and grievances
The Stamp Act was an act to half the duty on foreign made molasses to try and get the colonists to stop smuggling. Also, people were put on duty to guard the imports as well as the smuggling cases being brought up in a vice- admiralty court. From this, the Sons of Liberty was created under Samuel Adams and John Hancock. This is a small group where they would go and create mayhem to get back at the government.
What were the Intolerable Acts?
The intolerable acts were the laws King George III set up after the Boston Tea Party. He was so aggravated with Boston he decided to appoint Thomas Gage as Governor. Also, he added new laws that consisted of martial law, the quartering of troops, and closing down the Boston Harbor. Due to the new laws, the Committee of Correspondence decided to form the First Continental Congress. They met first in Philadelphia and became the first delegates elected to represent and protect the citizens.
What was the significance of the Commitees of Correspondence?
This was significant because the various colonies would come together and discuss the various threats.
What were the Sons of Liberty?
Federalists who formed and caused mayhem to get back at the British.
What was the Boston Tea Party?
This is when the British East India Company held an official monopoly on tea imports. The people in Boston once again boycotted and with 17 million pounds of tea stored in the warehouses, the company was near bankruptcy. The Tea Act was then formed and this is where tea could be sold to the colonies free of taxes that only colonial tea settlers had to pay. This ended with a violent protest and on the night of December 17, 1773, a group of “Indians” dumped 18,000 pounds of East India Company’s tea into the Boston Harbor.
What was the significance of Thomas Paine's Common Sense? What were the main ideas of this pamphlet?
Thomas Paine wrote a book called Common Sense and this traveled around to the various colonies. This was anonymous so Paine wouldn’t be sentenced to death with treason if the British found out. It was revolutionary because all of the people were influenced by Paine’s logic of why they should become independent.
Explain the aspects of the Declaration of Independence
It said everything that was wrong with the King and then they wrote the Preamble and then they said they were going to become independent.
What was the significance of the French Alliance during the Revolution?
Without the French, the Americans wouldn't have won the war.
What Battle led to France sending soldiers to help?
Battle of Yorktown
Who was the French military general who greatly helped organize our army?
Marquis Lafayette who was a French man who led a group of French soldiers during the Revolutionary War. He led the people around Virginia.
Describe the average American soldier.
Farmer who was a settler. Is a patriot and didn't have very much as for supplies. They fought on homeland and fought for their families.
Why is Washington considered a great military leader? What is the importance of the crossing of the Delaware River?
He was considered a great military leader because his attidude was always positive and he never gave up on his men. Had a part in the US becoming independent as well as established Fort Necessity during the French and Indian War. The importance of crossing the Delaware River was the first move in a surprise attack against the Hessian forces at Trenton, New Jersey in the Battle of Trenton.
What happened at the Battle of Yorktown?
Cornwallis had the idea that Britain could maintain world power if they took over the port cities as well as Virginia before the Citizens could. Cornwallis took Savannah in 1778 and put a royal governor back in command. In 1780, he took over Charles Town. He and his men were on their way to Virginia when they decided to fortify Yorktown. Before it could be fortified, the Americans and French defeated the British Navy on the VA coast. On October 17, 1781 the British surrendered.